Sunday, August 8, 2004

Why should I compartmentalize?

I feel like it's been years since I've been able to write in this thing, of sound mind (I'm not really of sound body right now).
That elusive creature, sleep, finally caught up with me Saturday night, and all day Sunday.  That foggy, frantic feeling is gone, for now!
The late weekday nights, culminating in Thursday night's Metallica lovefest, extended into Friday as I had to get things ready for my daughter's volleyball yard sale fundraiser on Saturday.  Up again, at 4 a.m. the yard sale all day...sunburned face. 
Also, an injury - during cleanup time, one of the moms suggested that the last two tables on the far side of the parking lot could be retrieved and carried by three of us.
WRONG!  Three girls, carrying two tables at once?  WRONG! 
My back is killing me now.  pain pain pain.  But the good thing is, I've been so uncomfortable all I've done is lay down, and I've actually gotten lots of sleep as a result.  Which is why I'm up now, still very uncomfortable but AWAKE, it feels like for the first time in a long time.
I have located my position, now that I'm alert...I'm in a valley.  And I didn't make those phone calls this week.  I didn't pay the bills.  I didn't do any of the important things I was supposed to take care of.  Except that I did manage to go to work every day, get my daughter to volleyball practice, do the laundry and the dishes, and I bought my daughter's new clothes for school.  All with a dark cloud hanging over my head that I can't get rid of...I feel like Eeyore.
I'm going to take some more Advil now, and try to do some things.
For a good news update, my dear friends have pictures posted on their website of their beautiful baby, Mackenzie.  They need our thoughts and prayers as they prepare for their journey to China to bring Mackenzie home!


  1. aaww..Michelle, she is just too precious!  It's so good to see that she will be going to a good family.

    I hope you are able to sleep tonight, otherwise you will be starting your work week tired again!

    Sweet dreams!


  2. I wrote an entry about a Metallica concert I went to in the early '90's.  I think I wrote it in may enjoy it!  Glad you got some sleep!

  3. Mackenzie is a doll!!!!  I am so happy for your friends!!!

    Oh No on your back!!  Well, at least you got some well deserved sleep out of it, I hope it feels better soon.

    I know all to well about the cloud over your head....I had that last month.  Gotta take a day off for yourself and just you and pamper yourself.  :o)

    Thinking about you...and you will be in my prayers for your family and that cloud that needs to go away!!  

    Hugs, Julie

  4. I hate back injuries and pulled miscles.  They tend to make sleeping hard   john