Saturday, May 31, 2014

I fall down sometimes, sometimes I come back flying

Longest May ever.

I missed more days of work than I actually worked. MIGRAINES.

Dwayne was in the hospital for a week. He's home and doing physical therapy.

My grandfather is home from the rehab place. He's not really doing better.

My mom fell down and broke her wrist. She's who I get it from, obviously.

On my zillionth day or something of missing work this year, my neurologist called and suggested, again, that I have the Botox treatment for migraines. I've been refusing all this time...why would I want to get toxic shots in my head? How could that possibly be good?

But she caught me at a weak moment. This whole month has been a weak moment, really, and so I agreed. I just wanted to not be in pain anymore.

I had the procedure last week and did you know that it was 31 SHOTS?


I didn't. Not until the doctor walked in and started getting the needles ready. 

So. The three shots to my forehead were the worst - they really, really hurt. The three shots in each temple hurt the least, at the time, but they are really sore now. Three in each shoulder, three at the base of my skull, three behind each ear. I can't remember the rest, I've probably blocked it out.

My head has hurt all week, and I have another full-blown migraine today.

My forehead is distressingly numb.

And to think movie stars do this on purpose.

I was supposed to go to a wedding today, but I didn't. Migraine.

I'm hoping that with June, I can start over.