Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Not quite yet

I was going to try to go to bed early tonight because I'd be out late tomorrow...didn't work...
I was at work yesterday, standing by the printer waiting for my stuff, when one of the managers came up and stood beside me, waiting for her stuff...I could feel her studying me.  You know how it is when you can feel people studying you?  Usually something bad comes after it.  I thought it might be about what I was wearing...I usually come right to the edge of 'business professional' dress with my black pants, black shirts, and black Skechers...
But instead, it was my hair.  She wanted to know if I was just never going to get it cut again. 
What?  All I could do was stare at her.  Then she asked me if I had ever had it short. What? (answer: yes).  And THEN she asked me if I was part of that religion where the women weren't allowed to cut their hair.  WHAT? (incidentally, answer: no).
It bothered me all night long.  I thought it was kind of...rude?  Wasn't that rude?  Why is she asking me judgmental questions about my hair, in such a manner as to make me feel VERY self-conscious about it?
But now that I've talked about it, I'm over it now.  I think. Hopefully.
Some wonderful news today:  Two dear friends of mine are adopting a beautiful baby girl from's been almost a year since they started the proceedings...and they FINALLY got their referral and a picture of their daughter today.  With that came the news that they will definitely be able to go to China and get her next month!  This was wonderful news for everybody, we've waited a long time and now she's almost here...
Life is good and it's REAL and I want to hold on to that...


  1. Hi Michelle~

    That is wonderful news about your friends!  A new exciting!!  

    that was pretty rude of your manager, especially they way she said it.  I would have been replaying it in my mind for days.  What was she thinking??


  2. Sounds like your manager is going through some kind of mid life crisis! How dare her? Not only did she judge you but she refered to you as "THAT" religion? Sounds like she may also having a spiritual set back as well.
    As for your friend...WOO~HOO! So glad to hear this family has been brought together! Congrats to them!


  3. Hi Michelle,

    How rude of her to do that to you.  I might have told her none of her business and walked away.  It seems to me that people at work are always the rudest people.  I have always had bad experience with them and they like to get in our business and I don't like people at work getting in my business because that makes us vulnerable then and I will only allow that with true blue friends like the sisters I have in Journal land.

    Congratulations to your friend for adopting the baby.


  4. I think she was rude, no doubt.  Exploring my superficial mind (separate from my thoughtful one), my quickest stereotypes recalled are either the Pentecostal stereotype or a Wicca stereotype (long and gray). How long are we talking?  Crystal Gale? How rude!  You know instead of becoming more patient with age I have reversed, I know I would have asked if my hair is affecting her quality of life or my work performance.

    I do hope everything goes well with the baby from China.  I would be so nervous, like a frustrated dream, where the dial tone does not work, the taxi never shows up, my airplane ticket is lost; I am stuck in traffic, etc etc etc.

    Wish them luck for me!