Sunday, August 29, 2004

There's a spider in the corner and I'm afraid...

We're at a standoff right now.
My nephew spent the night Friday night and we had great fun.  Unfortunately, he didn't pester my daughter as much as usual...they actually got along for once.  It was not nearly as entertaining (LOL!).
We ventured out to the State Fair again last night, this time to see a free concert. 
Some background:
1.  I love free concerts at the fair.  They're held in the old Cardinal Stadium, always at eight p.m. as the sun goes down...
2.  My grandparents (they do figure into this story) went to three concerts this week.  All country music concerts.  You have never seen a bigger country music fan in the world than my grandmother.  I cannot stress this enough.  And let's emphasize the word 'fan' here, as in 'fanatic'.  She is one of those crazy people who duck under barricades and goes knocking on George Jones's front door.  My heroic grandfather is not a fanatic...he's a mere fan...but in love with my grandmother so he always goes with her!
So we get to the fairgrounds, traipse inside and sit down, and I remember that my grandparents are supposed to be there.  I told D that I knew where they would be sitting - guaranteed, down in the first section, and even though it might be reserved seating, that's still where they would be.
I called my grandma's cell phone, and sure enough, that's where they were...she pointed at landmarks for me to find them by, I located them way down there, my grandma already making people move over so we could sit with them (my grandma is a force to be reckoned with, believe me).
So this is how D and I came to be on a kind of double date with my grandparents (aged 74 and 70, though you wouldn't have known it by the way they acted at this concert!).
So, two things I'll always remember about this concert:
First, I'll always remember how thankful I was to be standing there having fun with my grandparents...
Secondly, I'll always remember how I went into a concert not really knowing anything about RANDY TRAVIS, except that I knew he was a legend and so I wanted to see him...and went away from the concert a duly minted Randy Travis fan and determined to learn the words to his songs so that next time I see him in concert I can sing along like everyone else was.
I mean, WOW!, talk about putting on a great show.  Who knew?  I guess he's learned something in his 20+ years of touring...
I love when concerts surprise you. 


  1. What a great entry full of smiles!!  How cool is that about your Grandparents!!  I could just imagine it all in my head as you were telling the story.  How fun!!  
    I am glad you had such a great double date!!  :o)
    Have a great Sunday!
    Hugs, Julie

    PS...I know what you mean about the spider!!!  I can't stand them either!! I would try and find something very long and just smoosh it!!  LOL.  :o)

  2. I've never seen Randy Travis in concert...good to know! -B

  3. How fun for you!! Your grandma sounds like a hoot!!

    If she ever makes it this way around Christmas time, I know where George Jones' house is and it is awesome went it is decorated.


  4. Randy Travis is a wonderful singer, isn't he?  His acting aint half bad either!  I say that because I just got done watcxhing a movie with him in it.

    Have a great Monday!!


  5. I am hardly a country fan.  If I were forced to choose only one genre of music, it would probably be disco, with pop rock right behind.  However, and that is a big however, I absolutely love Randy Travis.  His voice just sounds so much like he is singing directly to me and no one else.  I have at least three of his CD’s.  How wonderful to have parents and/or grandparents, I can only imagine, but am grinning here thinking of your good time.

  6. You know i am not a country fan.  But I do like Clint black and Randy Travis.  john

  7. Wow! What great memories! Sounds like much fun! Your grandmother sounds like my grandmother ;) Randy Travis is an awesome singer and performer, i have seen him in concert twice. He had a few struggling years, but don't we all! I love singing, "Forever and Ever Amen!" to my little ones....the perfect song! Glad you and D had a good time :)


  8. Great story - and always great to know Randy has secured a new fan.  I too smiled as I read along and nothing like grandparents and grandchildren enjoying the company of each other.  I've personally been a fan for 17 years now and been to many many RT shows; in fact, heading out to one this Friday.  Randy Rules in my opinion so your story was a delight to read.  I happen to come across it on one of my daily RT searches for information.