Sunday, February 26, 2017

Build me up, Buttercup...


I don't know why I keep myself away from blogging when I love it so much. I think it's some kind of self-sabotage thing. I have mental issues, you know! If anyone wants to psychoanalyze me, feel free :). My actual psychiatrist fired me and I'm going to a new one next month. Maybe this new one will cure me? I just feel so empty and blank.

I moved again, now I'm back in the house with the purple door. My grandparents left their house to my mom, so she moved into my grandparents' house to take care of my great-aunt, leaving her house free. My brother and his family lived here until they found a house, now they're gone and Chelsea and I live here.

So now I'm back in the house I sort of grew up in. I say 'sort of' because I lived here from ages 4-7, then from 13-34, and now I'm back again.

It's really comforting, actually. I live in my mother's old house now, and my mom is right next door living in her mother's old house. Across the street, Mike is living in his mother's old house, and next door is Dwayne (a different one) living in his mother-in-law's old house. I feel completely safe on my little one-block street, because everybody's known each other forever. It's nice.

Being back here reminds me of how much I miss my grandparents. I used to get home and my grandmother would call me as soon as I walked in the house - she knew absolutely everything that was going on in the neighborhood. Nowadays, my mom is calling Chelsea every time she gets home, keeping up the tradition!

Well...I've written as much as I can today. It's hard to write when you're not feeling anything! Mental illness is for the birds.

Please forgive me my brevity. Here's a short and sweet conclusion to today's lesson -

These are some things I learned from the past year:

1. I don't ever wanna live anywhere else.
2. The future kinda scares me.
3. My family loves me.
4. You really don't need your gallbladder.
5. Our new President...ugh.

The End.