Sunday, January 15, 2006

A ray of sunshine, that's me...

My wrists hurt. My arms and elbows, too.
My hands and fingers are numb.I'm having surgery on my right hand on February 10.Who's going to do the vacuuming? Who will clean out the kitty's litterbox? Who will wash the dishes?The fact that I'm going to have to depend on my 13-year old daughter to do all this stuff is really, REALLY depressing...(sigh)You know, for being the sixteenth largest city in the US, Louisville really is like a small town...I'm listening to the afternoon anchor on the popular local news radio station this week...I happen to work with his sister. He's talking to the sports guy who comes on after him...the sports guy is married to someone I graduated from high school with. And then they start talking about the hot news item this week, who happens to be a friend of mine.Everyone in this town knows everyone else, I think...Anyway... my friend, who is also a well-known local radio guy, has been accused of faking his terminal illness, AND of mishandling funds for a charity that he set up.I am so frustrated with the media for implying this stuff...I'm even more frustrated with myself for letting a little kernel of doubt slip in to my mind at some time during the week...I must have let my guard down for a minute.Regardless, I KNOW my friend is a good person and I hate the fact that the media is making him out to be a monster. The media wasn't around for the MONTHS that he went through so many tests and doctors to find out what was wrong with him, before he was diagnosed. The media hasn't seen him have to walk with a cane...When I was laid off back in 1998, I wanted to go back to my previous employer. The only reason I have a job there today is because of my friend, who worked his second job in my company's HR department at the time and made sure that I knew about the opportunities open there, and made sure that my employer knew about my application there.I feel like kicking somebody...I really hate the media right now.(SIGH)I took the kitty to be groomed Saturday. This was the first time we've ever done that, and I'm not sure if we ever will again. We made our appointment at 11 a.m. and thought we would get to wait while they groomed her, but nooo...we had to leave her there and wait for them to call my cell phone and tell us when they were done.They didn't call us until 2:40 p.m. We walked in the door of the grooming place at 2:41 p.m.Yes, my daughter and I had been sitting in the parking lot just waiting for them to call us, for the last hour.I think we have a serious leaving-kitty-anxiety problem!

Sunday, January 8, 2006 long has it been?...

I have so many things I want to say...but I never seem to be able to get online anymore...
It's almost like my life is getting in my way...but, you know, "WHAT LIFE?!"
I work too much overtime.  Who knew that getting a raise at work also meant more responsibility and more, you know, work?
My daughter is all mean and moody and teenager-y...mean mean mean (that's what she calls me all the time, but we know who's really the mean one here, and it's the one with all the teen hormones and the slamming-door issues...),
(Well, she's mostly moody except for when she does that Jekyll/Hyde thing and turns into my sweet wonderful daughter again for a few hours a day, how many years does this schizophrenic-teen-act last, anyway, and then I can have the sweet wonderful girl back for good?)
So, let's else?
D is his regular self...C is about to drive him crazy but he doesn't freak out like I do, he is actually able to relate to her in a calm, reasonable manner and get through to her.
D is awesome and I don't appreciate him like I should, I need to work on that.
What else?...
My kitty is SOOOOO BIG.  She is not even a year old yet and she is the biggest cat any of us have ever seen.  The fact that she's so big and that she has such fluffy long hair makes us think that she's partly Maine Coon.
Here she is, taking up both of my pillows (and yes, I do have Goofy pillows, stop laughing!):
Picture from Hometown