Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If you were an ocean, I'd learn to float

This is my beautiful living room!

As you can see, I have my priorities straight. 5000 boxes to unpack, but the TV and cable are hooked up! :)

I'm afraid I'll never get back in the swing of things. I can tell I'm missing some awesome posts...there's just so much to do here. 

But even though I am frantic to get back online and blogging, and we have so much cleaning and unpacking to do - not to mention worrying about Popa and my brother - still yet the biggest thing I've been feeling is RELIEF. 

A little bit of it is that we're done with the move; but really, most of the relief is that the floor-sleeper is gone from our house. 

I didn't realize how much his presence was weighing on me until he was no longer there.  

I mean, yes, obviously, because I MOVED to get rid of him...but I still didn't realize!

I'm no longer confined to my room. Chelsea keeps her door open. We can walk around the house and talk to each other and joke and laugh and work and argue - all of which we've done this week. We couldn't do that before. 

Here's a new list:
1. No more visitors! Ever!

So...I still have a bump on my head from when I fell. And bruises. And hurt feelings because Chelsea laughed at me. 

Well, she laughed AFTER she helped me back up the stairs, pulled the remaining branches out of my hair and brushed the twigs off my face, and let me lay down and head-bleed all over my pillow while she made five more trips up and down the stairs getting stuff out of the car. 

So I guess I had it coming. And I do fall down a lot. But I mean, two or three days later, I was still pulling thorns out of my head! 

She is such a brat.