Saturday, August 21, 2004

Fair Time

We went to the fair today.  The State Fair, and it seemed like everyone else that lives in Kentucky decided to go today, also - probably because the weather was perfect, not too hot, clear skies...
The sun went down and the moon was perfect, too, close to the ground so that it seemed so large and friendly, that perfect burgeoning crescent moon...
I had a mild little panic attack at one point, inside in the midst of thousands of people, but it happened just once, and I worked through it.  I also went to the post office this morning, and I bought my daughter a new mattress today.
So I did three things.
I love how there are distinct stages that you go through when you take a child to the fair...we get there and park, and she's running out of the car..."Hurry, hurry"...we get inside to the exhibits and she's the maniac bargain-hunter looking for free stuff...she pulls us outside to go to the Midway and she has to have ice cream and lemonade and a corn dog...she has to go in every fun house on the Midway...D wins her a stuffed dog...she hugs the dog and it's her new best friend...then, it's all over..."My tummy hurts, my feet hurt, I want to go hooooooome", over and over...and we trudge back to the car and go home.
It's great fun, and it's comforting, because it's always the same...


  1. awww, sounds like you had a good day!  and WAY TO GO on handling the panic attack!!  I had a small one too today...but it's cuz I was around strangers.  
    I am glad you had such a good time.  :o)
    Hugs, Julie

  2. Michelle that sounds great!  It is so wonderful how we can laugh at  predictable human behavior and still love every minute of it.  Is her new mattress a pillowtop, my two daughters think those things are the best invention since sliced bread. LOL!

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I am glad you got to go out and have another mother daughter day.  I always love state fairs.  They are so fun.

    Was Tweety there?


  4. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time ;)
    I'm a big kid at heart and still love the fair!

  5. We went Saturday!  Took us 40 minutes to get from Watterson to the parking area.  I was frustrated with the traffic control people!  They were terrible!  I loved the photography exhibit!  Did you see it, close to the Kid's Zone.  I was freaked out at the cost of rides!  Thank God she didn't want to do anything but look at the smake.  For her and Joe to ride, it would have been a minimum of $8!!  Cripes!  Glad you guys had such a great time, and I'm sorry about your panic attacks.  Bridget had them for about a year..two years, then she just grew out of them!