Saturday, August 14, 2004

Patrick's Six...

Patrick's Saturday Six, not quite on Saturday, but it's not REALLY Sunday until after you wake up, so...
1. So no one likes that "Favorite Gadgets" question on AOL's Member Profiles. What would you replace it with?
I never thought about the Favorite Gadgets thing, I just always skipped over it! Hmm…hmm…(three minutes later)…I’m not creative, AT ALL. I can’t think of a thing, so I’ll go with the first thing I see right now and say, "Favorite DVD box set?"

2. How many credit cards do you have at the moment, and of those, how many do you use regularly?
I have no credit cards, I learned my lesson during my first year of college! Debit card only for me…

3. It's your chance to "Come on Down!" You decide to be on a game show. Which show do you think you'd win the most on: "The Price is Right," "Match Game," "Jeopardy," "Wheel of Fortune," "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" or "Pictionary?"
Jeopardy, provided I can figure out the math part of Final Jeopardy…How DO these people know how to win by $1?

4. A past edition of the "Saturday Six" asked you to list how many states you'd visited. This time around, in the spirit of the "Parade of Nations" in the Olympics, it's time to list any foreign countries you've set foot in.
Germany, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria (mostly courtesy of the US Army, when my dad was stationed over there and took us with him…)

Tara: What's the significance of your AOL screenname? M and R are my first and middle initials, C and C are my daughter’s first and middle initials, and GOODY is a variation of my last name. Very easy!
Nettie: Did you ever have a "true love" that got away...and have you always regretted it?Yes, and no…there was nothing I could do about my love that went away, and I don’t regret it because I’m very happy with my love today.