Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Still hiding...

...and not quite wanting to face the fallout yet...and life goes on...
My daughter's first day of 7th grade went well (sigh of relief).  Last year was so hard on her, I really hope that this year will be better.  You know, middle school was extremely difficult when I went through it.  It's almost like I'm reliving those years now with my daughter.  I just hope I can be a help to her and not a hindrance...
I went back to the dentist today...I called them on my way out of work.
Me: "Hi, this is Michelle, I was just calling to make sure I had an appointment today."
Them: "Yes, I have you down for 2:20."
Me: "And do you have nitrous ready for me today?"
It was very funny when I got there...everyone apparently now knows about last week's debacle and so were VERY solicitous to me this time...they outfitted me right away with sunglasses, headphones, and nitrous, and three different people were hovering over me..."Are you still okay?  Are you still okay?"...
It's like I have my eyes shut as I'm forcing myself forward.  Just a little bit further...then I'll stop hiding. 


  1. I am so glad to hear that your daughters fist day of school went well...I was thinking about her.  
    Good for you for going back to the dentist!! (I still haven't) Your braver then I am, that's for sure.  My dentist doesn't offer nitrous...sure wish he did.  I am very proud of you!!
    Hang in there...your in my thoughts...
    Hugs, Julie

  2. I'm glad C's first day went well.  That's wonderful.  

    Did you make your phone call yet?  Do what needs done, chick.  It'll help you get out of the hole, help you get back on track, you'll feel so much better.


  3. I have a big big big fear of dentists. It's nitrous or nothing when i'm in that chair. I have even rescheduled a time or two b/c Nit. wasn''t available at the time. I feel ya chic! (((sending some good vibes your way)))

  4. My daughter is in middle school also.  It's such a horrible time and girls can be sooo mean.  I hope she has a good year.  Just keep telling her she is wonderful.  Glad the dentist was ready for you this time!

  5. Hi Michelle,

    I knew your daughter would do well on her first day.

    I am also glad they had the nitrous ready for you today.  I hope you are having better days.  I am here if you need me.