Saturday, August 14, 2004

How to spend $100 in one day...

Went to the used bookstore today…with $10 credit…and made the mistake of taking my daughter with me…she picked out more books that I did! I ended up using my credit, and then I had to whip out the debit card.
Spent at bookstore: $23

Then went to Chuck E Cheese…kind of a last weekend before school thing…so she could play games in search of tickets and I could balance my checkbook before we went to the movies (though all I really did was read one of my new books!). We also decided to eat lunch there.
Spent at Chuck E Cheese: $40
Then went to the movies, to see "Princess Diaries 2", which bears hardly any resemblance to the books but was still a good movie. Julie Andrews sings in this one! Of course, to enjoy the movie, we didn’t need just Julie Andrews, we also had to have popcorn (me), and Gummi Bears (my daughter)…
Spent at the movies: $31
And then, after the movie, we stopped back at Chuck E Cheese to get our picture taken, because we didn’t have time to do it before the movie. Of course, once we got there, more money went to "just a few more games". I actually did balance my checkbook the second time we went there, which is when I realized just how much money I had spent today…
Spent at Chuck E Cheese (2nd time): $6
Wasn’t I supposed to make my car payment this week? Oh well…
We had a really nice day. We went out to eat that evening, and by then my boyfriend was done with all his exciting mowing and weed-eating so he could join us, and I no longer had to worry about all the money that was flying away, and we came home to watch the Olympics (that part, at least, was free)…
And you know,
Being one-on-one with your daughter the last weekend before school?: PRICELESS


  1. Awww...I am so glad you had a good time with your daughter!  It sounded like the perfect day (even if you went over budget).  
    Hugs, Julie

  2. Hi Michelle,

    It is so easy for money to fly out the window and too hard to retrieve it.  I have to stay away from bookstores since it cleans out my bank balance.  Chucky Cheese is very expensive, but it is worth spending the time with your daughter.

    It is also great that your daughter reads good and she loves books.

    I heard the Princess Diaries is good.  I just might wait until it comes on DVD.

    I am also glad you have a great time with your boyfriend and daughter as well.  What matters is the quality of time spent.