Friday, August 24, 2007


I've moved and I no longer have a purple door...
But now I live on a hill and there's woods behind me and the view is so wonderful.
My daughter, my kitty and I are living here in varying degrees of contentment.
I'm very happy here, but it's been almost two months and it's still not. quite. home.
All daughter needs is her phone, her laptop, her iPod, and her sketchpads, and she's her usual surly mean self. 
Well, surly and mean to ME, anyway... all of her nice and sweet-ness is used on her friends. 
I thought my kitty was settling in fine, until this week when she went pee-pee TWICE on my bedroom floor.  I had to reread all my cat books, and now I'm worried that she's depressed about the move.
She HAS been meowing a lot, lately.  And asking for a lot of extra treats.
What?  You think that I've spoiled her?
Absolutely... she deserves it!  She's way nicer than the other adolescent who lives here.
I'm tired now...
It took a lot out of me to write this little bit.
I think the anti-depressants I take are the reason I can't write anymore.