Monday, August 9, 2004

Oh no, it's the depressed dental patient...

My dentist's office KNOWS that I need nitrous any time I'm there. 
Today, when I went to get my cavity filled, the assistant acted all surprised when I asked her where my nitrous was.  "Oh.  I didn't realize you needed it every time.  We don't have a room available right now that has nitrous.  Do you want to reschedule?"
This is when I should have said, "Yes", but instead, thinking of the fact that I left work early for about the hundredth time this year and it's gotten kind of out of hand, I muttered, "No, that's okay"...
So I put on my dark glasses and my headphones and tried really hard to be cool and calm.  And then she started numbing me with Novocaine and it was so painful, and then she kept moving my head around, and there was vibration and water and pressure...
Until she suddenly stopped, took my glasses off and headphones off and said, "Michelle, when I ask you if you're okay, I really need to hear a true answer.  I shouldn't have to wait to see your cheeks wet and realize that you're crying before I realize something's wrong."
Yes, that was me in the dental chair, crying and shaking.  But they were very silent tears, I didn't think she'd notice with the dark glasses on. 
She went on to say that she didn't want me to leave thinking about what a horrible experience this had been...and I know I immediately assumed a guilty look on my face because that is EXACTLY what I had been thinking.
So, she handed me tissues, waited for me to stop crying, assured me that it was almost over.  I put my headphones back on and tried to lose myself in the music.  It was rough, but I managed to stay until it was all over. 
Now I have to go back next week to repair the cavity on the other side. 
I'm pretty sure that next week they will have a nitrous room waiting for me!


  1. Awww (((Michelle))))
    You poor thing!!  My almost got me crying here!!!  I sure hope they have the right room for you next time!!!
    (ssshhhh don't tell anyone...I made a fake call to my dentist and haven't been back since!!!)

    Hope your mouth is feeling okay...hang in there, and try and have a good night.  :o)

    Love, Julie

  2. See this kind of customer service really ticks me off, of course I understand that not everyone can be happy all the time, but dentistry is a delicate business, and they should at least try harder than a drive thru fast food chain.  I can relate because I am the jumpy, anxious, fidgeting dental patient, and that is just during a cleaning.  LOL!
    You would think they would accommodate a patient because it is so easy for that patient to not come back.  But I guess dentists only care about volume and could care less if the patient is a returning one or a new one.  I am currently crossing my fingers, because I so far so good with my current torturer.
    >>>>>>>>>>>Sending positive vibes your way and do tell if they remember your correct room next time.

  3. *pat* *pat* *pat* I had a pal who had this extreme fear of the dentist. She needed to be sedated even for just a cleaning. So sorry you had to try and tuff it out. :-( -B

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I am sorry about your experience in the chair today.  I hope they have the nitrous next time.