Friday, November 19, 2010

Please carry me home...

Music: Patty Griffin - Not Alone
I hate broken ankles. I hate pain. I hate being confined to the house for weeks. I hate not being able to get comfortable. I hate being scatterbrained. I hate cliques. I hate cancer. I hate vegetables and fruit and ham and lettuce and beans. I hate insects. I hate Westerns. I hate my carpet. I hate bigotry and racism and homophobia. I hate war.

I love my family. I love my kitty. I love reading, and writing, and dancing, and poetry, and art and music. I love TV and movies. I love my iPod and my Sony Reader and my laptop. I love my blanket. I love the fall, and the winter, and the spring. I love trees. I love my brothers and sisters around the world even though I have never met them. I love God.

I try to love when I feel like hating. But I'm still hating things, especially cancer.
I need to be more loving, to make up for it. Loving is's everything.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Enough said....

Once upon a time a girl named Michelle fell down the stairs, broke her leg, and was never seen again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No superheroes here...

Top Five Reality-Check Moments After Falling Down The Stairs
1. You realize that you're on the downside of 30, which means you have no coordination and your bones are brittle.
2. Even though you have a broken leg, you still have to get back up the stairs.
3. You really have no privacy in the E/R, as evidenced by sitting out in the hallway in a wheelchair the entire time I was there, while I talked to the doctor, they medicined me, and splinted me. In the hallway.
4. All those fantasies of breaking a bone so I don't have to go to work? STUPID...I forgot that broken bones really, really hurt.
5. People come to your house to check on you no matter how messy your room is. The usual method of avoiding company by pretending you're not home isn't really an option. Where else am I gonna be with my broken leg?