Monday, August 2, 2004

Happy days are here again...

When my daughter was born, I put aside most of the music I liked to listen to...I didn't particularly want my child growing up listening to it...I don't know if that was hypocritical of me?  I don't think so...there's a difference between forming your musical tastes in your teenage years, and being five years old and spouting off some bad words and phrases that you heard in your parent's music!
So my Metallica tapes got put up, for the most part.  I had to listen to them's hard to be covert with an active child around!
But even with the hypocrisy and the being quite old now (31) and the sporadic covert listening and with the differences in opinion on music downloads between Lars and me, I'm still the huge Metallica fan that I was back when we were young teens in scruffy jeans and black concert shirts and long curly hair, a fan even before they became huge, going on 20 years of adoration now...
So when this new documentary was released, I was so excited!  I don't care if I'm old!  I have to go see it!  I scoured my newspaper's movie listings and it wasn't in there.  I went online to look for it and it wasn't in there.  I tracked it for 200 miles either way and still, no movie.  Finally I realized it was only playing in Los Angeles and New York.  For at least three or four weeks I've been monitoring its progress toward the middle...
So today, I got in the car and drove to work, changing the station from the Christian station my daughter listens to exclusively (yes, our roles are reversed in this case, my 12-year old always lectures me on the evils of rock and roll) and scanning for a good song, any good song...stopped it on a Metallica song...went in to work...left a little after noon to go to the bank, back in the car...and I heard this DJ say, 15th caller gets free passes to see Metallica: Some Kind of Monster at the Louisville premier, midnight Thursday...
I stopped the car in the middle of the bank parking lot.  The movie's coming!  It's finally coming!  Then for some reason I grabbed my cell phone, called the station, was the 15th caller, and now I have to go see it at midnight, which really wasn't my first choice, and my boyfriend is especially mad atme because he's MUCH older than me (36) and is already complaining about how much his old body is going to feel the sleep he's going to miss out on because he HAS to go with me.
But of course I'm's like fate or something.  Even though I'm sure I'll be the oldest person there.  (after my boyfriend, of course!)
(p.s.  There's nothing wrong with the Christian station!  I love the Christian station!  But I am well-rounded and listen to other things too.  I'm enjoying my daughter's exclusivity while I can, I wonder how much longer it will last...the upcoming years are so scary to think about!)


  1. YAY!!!  Good for you!!  I am glad you can see it, even tho it's late at the old man will be will be worth it tell him!!!  lol.  :o)

  2. OMG! i thought i was the only "old person(at 33)" who still likes to listen to metallica!! I too, was a fan before they were huge (garage days will always be my favorite)! Have a great time!! If ya can get some pics! I'd love to see some!


  3. Another Metallica fan raises her hand over here...38 years old, thanks very much. LOL I'd love to go see their movie. ;-) -B

  4. Aren't you super lucky today!! Have fun. You know you would be up anyway!! ;-)

    Please,please don't tell me 31 & 36 are old...I turn 30 in November and my hubby is 38..

    (I smell linament...)