Sunday, August 1, 2004

Sometimes, I wanna be Forrest Gump...

One a.m., again -
Maybe it's not ONLY the laundry.
We took my daughter to see 'A Cinderella Story' this weekend.  It was great!  But soon she'll be too old and won't want to see these innocently romantic and slightly cheesy pre-teen movies anymore, and I'll have to wait until they come out on video to see them. :(
My city is hopefully overcoming a shameful weekend to go on to better things...we hosted a boxing tournament Friday night starring a certain convicted rapist.  Why in the world did my wonderful city want to do this?  I can't understand it...  Hopefully we'll go on from it and continue to become renowned as a city of the arts, and as the hometown of "The Greatest" and most wonderful Muhammed Ali, and that other boxer will be forgotten...
I need to make some phone calls this week to some doctors, I'm working up to it...
Sometimes, lately, I just have this urge to put on my running shoes and run out the door, and, like Forrest Gump, just keep on runnin'.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to do that? 


  1. Doctors?  Are you okay?

  2. I am going to miss all those cute kid movies too...thank goodness I still have a lot of time before Josh gets too old for them.  

    Ummm Doctors?  Is every thing okay??

    Thanks for all the comments in my journal, and prayers.  It means so much to me.

  3. Yes, we're fine!  Just some scary referrals that I should have followed up on already...

  4. Remember:  Nothing to be scared of.  Honestly.  You know I wouldn't lie to you!  You and C mean the world to me.  It's all going to be good, trust me.

    I know exactly what you mean about running and not stopping.  I've been thru so many crazy situations in my life.  This last one was the worst!  I would love to disappear for parts unknown.  Then I realize that running isn't going to make the problems go away.  They will go with me, no matter where I go.  So I have to deal with it as it comes.  

    I love you guys.  I'll always be here for you.  Remember that.  (((((michelle & C)))))

  5. What other boxer.  I hope your not talking the ear eater.  john

  6. the ear eater it was, unfortunately.