Monday, August 9, 2004

Is your bed your buddy?

My bed is where I want to be, all the time.  Specifically, in bed, under the covers.  I think about it at work, when I'm driving, even when I'm at home sitting in front of the computer.
It's my safe place.
I wonder why it's my safe place?  It's not like it's the place where I spend the most time.  It's not a place where I've spent my happiest moments.  But it's where I want to be.  And it's only MY bed that's my safe place.  Beds in hotels are not my safe place.  When you're out of town and staying in hotels for days, what's the foremost thought on your mind?  Getting home to your own bed...
I wonder what my daughter's safe place is.  She hates her bed and has taken to sleeping on the couch until I buy her a new mattress (she says her old mattress is lumpy).  I don't think the couch is her safe place!  I'll have to ask her, because now I'm really curious...
All I know is that whenever things are going bad, or if I need to hide away from things, or if, like today, I get home from the dentist numb and shaky, it's my bed that I go to.  Maybe the attachment has something to do with vulnerability and sleep, but regardless, my bed is my friend.
Going there now...


  1. I am the SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  2. Hmm. Used to be my it's my little office in front of my PC. LOL -B

  3. I love my bed too.  

  4. Hi Michelle,

    The bed seems very safe.  I stay away from the bed all day since it is too tempting.


  5. ((((michelle))))