Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Thoughts should have a subject?

Scalzi has written a couple of entries about these guys and so I had to check them out...definitely worth it...
I wish AOL would expand the 'mood' list up there.  Is jittery a mood?  Or is that just a by-product of the Diet Pepsi I just drank?  I wonder if my personality would be different if I didn't drink 5 or 6 Diet Pepsis a day...
I went to my daughter's volleyball game yesterday and they won (yay!) ... it made me think back to my school days and what I did ... which is to say, nothing.  No sports whatsoever...I was completely uninterested in physically exerting myself when I could be reading a book.  She's lucky, she likes to read and she also likes to play, I'm so impressed!
I got into a fracas over the phone today with one of our customers.  He was yelling and wouldn't stop so I had to raise my voice to talk over him, then finally I had to say "Goodbye" and just hang up.  Immediately applause came from all around me, along with comments like, "I didn't know who that was talking...", and "I didn't know you could talk that loud."  I'm normally a very VERY soft-spoken phone conversations with strangers usually consist of 1) someone confusing me with my with a 10-year old (I have a little voice), or 2) someone saying, "I can't HEAR you, SPEAK UP."
It was a little embarrassing...I blushed...
I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight (well, midnight is not really early, I guess), I have to be up at six a.m., I haven't been getting much sleep ...
Probably, drinking Diet Pepsis before bed doesn't help much...


  1. I know what you mean about the pepsi's!!  Josh finally goes to be early and I am still wired off of caffine from too many diet pepsi's or mountain dews!!  LOL
    I am proud of your daughter...sports and reading too!!  Sounds like me when I was in school...LOL.  
    And WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!  I am proud of you for what you did with your phone call!!!  I use to hate taking care of people who did nothing but scream at you...we would put them on mute and turn up the volume on our phone and then make fun of them throwing a fit...until they could hear the click everytime we muted them.
    Have a good rest of the night and get some sleep!!!
    hugs, Julie

  2. Yeah...time to cut back on the Pepsi. Do it you minimize withdrawal. LOL -B

  3. Lol, You crack me up! Your diet pepsi addiction is just as bad as my pepsi addition :-S  ... i know all about those jitter bugs. LOOK! It's 1am and i'm still up! <<giggle>>.


  4. Oooooh, getting some gumption are we.  How nice.  Even though it was a little embarrassing, did your endorphins kick in a bit?  I bet it felt good. Uh?..... Perhaps that is the reason for the Diet Pepsis, hmmmmm?  LOL!  Good for you! Drink away.

  5. I bet it felt really good too!  

  6. I drink about 5 or 6 Diet Pepsi's a day too!  I'm addicted and proud of it!  My husband always tells me the chemicals in it are making me crazy (I beg to differ--I say it's him who's making me crazy).  Good for you speaking up to that rude customer.