Sunday, May 2, 2004

Replacement assignment

I'm going to have to ditch John Scalzi's weekend assignment, I've wracked my brain all weekend and am coming up with a blank on the bad advice.  I'm doing Anna's assignment, instead.  It's still not easy for me to answer some of these questions, either, and also, my answers all seem pretty bland.  I'm trying to avoid the connection between my answers and what that says about my personality. :(
Here we go:
1. What year was the best year of your life?  See, already this is hard.  I have no idea.  Maybe 1989-1990?
2. One animal or insect that Noah should have left off the ark?  ALL INSECTS ARE BAD.  They can crawl on you while you sleep. 
3. Do you make a wish before blowing out your birthday candles? Yes.  I remember every wish I ever made on my birthday.
4. Do you generally open your bills on the day that you receive them? hahahahahaha
5. How many pillows are on your bed?  Three.  Two regular ones, and one wonderful one that makes me so happy.
6. Favorite ice cream flavor?  Ice cream questions are always hard, since I hardly ever eat it.  I like chocolate-peanut butter milkshakes.  And I like homemade vanilla ice cream once a year on Fourth of July.
7. What is the most dominant color in your wardrobe?  Black.  Everything is black.
8. Have you ever seen a ghost?  No.
9. Would you rather go to a carnival or circus?  A carnival.
10. Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  Dinner. There's more options, I think.
11. Your favorite fictional animal?  This is another hard question.  A mythical animal like a unicorn?  Or something like Rafiki from "The Lion King"? 
12. Have you ever flown first-class?  No.  I wish.  Especially the long flights to and from Germany.
13. Would you go on a reality show?  Never.  I don't want to be on TV.  And I don't want to eat bugs, camp out, and/or be stuck with the same people for weeks.  Remember Sartre's "No Exit"?
14. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic about the future?  Pessimistic.  What future?
15. Pancakes or waffles?  Nice, crispy waffles.  
16. If you could own a home anywhere in the world, where would it be?  I want that house on that island in "The Thomas Crown Affair".  I would also like a house in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky where my mother's family came from, and a house in Scotland where their family came from.  
17. Your favorite Soup of the Day?  I don't eat soup.  Except for when I'm sick, then I'll eat only Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup.
18. What site is a must see for all visitors to your city?  First, the view from I-65 South crossing the Ohio River into Louisville at night, this is the best view of our beautiful skyline.  Cave Hill Cemetery.  Churchill Downs.  There's also a gigantic baseball bat outside the Louisville Slugger Museum down on Main Street.  And you should go down to the river and visit the Waterfront Park, Slugger Field, and take a cruise.
19. Can you recommend a good restaurant in your city?  My favorite non-chain restaurant in Louisville is the CHINA INN by U of L.  It's the favorite hangout of all police officers and college students.  It's not fancy, but it's awesome. 
20. You go to the zoo; What is the one animal that you want to see?  The penguins and the polar bears. Also the gorillas.
21. Potatoes, rice, or pasta; Whichis your favorite?  Pasta, it's always pasta.  
22. What is the best movie that you've seen this year?  I liked Lost in Translation.
23. One of your favorite books when you were a child?  This is hard, because I read everything, basically, when I was a child, and I still have my old books and I still love to re-read them.  But specifically, I would have to say the Little House books.  I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder so much that I made a pilgrimage a couple of years ago to her childhood homes in South Dakota and Minnesota.   It was thrilling to see all these places I knew by heart from reading her books.
24. What in your life are you most grateful for?  My family.
25. You are home alone and use the bathroom; do you close the door?  Yes.
26. What is your favorite small appliance?  I love my washer and dryer.  Um, that's not very small, is it?  Okay, the only other thing I use is the microwave.
27. Salty snacks or sweet treats?  Both, together.  
28. Are you usually a little early, a little late, or right on time?  Late late late.
29. What is the most daring thing that you have ever done?  The list is too long.  Really.
30. Have you ever met someone famous?  No.
31. What was one of your favorite games as a child?  Now I'm getting depressed.  I can't remember having a favorite game.  I know I must have, but I'm drawing a blank.  I'm really not that old, what is wrong with me?!!!
32. At what age have you looked your best?  18, and 20-21.
33. One person that never fails to make you laugh?  My funny, silly daughter.
34. What was the first music that you ever bought?  AAAAGH!  I have no idea.  It would have had to be something heavy metal...   
35. If you could change one thing about your family life when you were a child, what would it be?  The skeletons are too deep in the closet for me to talk about this one.
36. What is the one thing that you cook that always receives compliments?  Heath Bar cake.
37. From what news source do you receive the bulk of your news?  News radio.
38. In the last calendar year, how many people have you told that you love them?  14, I think.
39. Who received your first kiss?  Terry.
40. The single most important quality in a mate?  That he loves me.
41. What do you value most in a relationship?  Love.  Honesty.  No fear.
42. Do you believe that you have a soulmate?  Yes.  He's a good friend of mine.
43. Do you consider yourself well organized?  At work, yes.  At home, I need help.
44. On average, how many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror? In the morning.  And, I guess when I'm washing my hands in the bathroom at work.  
45. Did you ever make a prank phone call?  Yes, when I was young before callerID was invented.
46. What one quality do you seek in a friend?  I'm not sure.  We have to be 'kindred spirits' know it when you feel it.
47. Have you ever killed an animal?  No.
48. When you were twelve years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?  I didn't know.  I STILL don't know.
49. Do you believe in an afterlife?  Yes.
50. What would you like to accomplish with the remaining years of your life?  I want to successfully raise my daughter to be a beautiful, strong, independent woman.  And I just want to be happy.  Maybe someday...


  1. for all the moaning and complaining, you did a FANTASTIC job!  i laughed several times!  (the bugs crawling on you, opening your bills, your "wonderful pillow",  reality show,  prank call/ caller ID, #48.)

    hey for the ice cream question, you didn't mention your affinity for blizzards!  (i remembered)

    rafiki, yes.  i liked him too.  very funny, cute and good hearted.

    pessimistic:  girl, i want to hit you!!!!  what future?!  HUH!  don't get me started.

    i'm sorry, but i thought lost in translation was boring.  i tried my best to get into it, and i did watch it all the way through, but it just dragged on and on for me.

    the pilgrimage sounded wonderful!  i wish i could've gone with you.

    good avoidance on question #29, still waiting for an answer....

    14 people you kissed?!  how the hell did you come up with an actual number?  you are amazing!  there is no way i could come up with a number.

    thanks for doing it, chick!  loved the answers!!!

  2. This is so interesting!  I loved Lost in Translation and purchased the soundtrack.  I was mildly disappointed by it...its incredible the movie with the music, one needs the other.  Also, I have not eaten at the China Inn for such aong time!!! My total fav is the Fish Fry on 3rd...only open on Saturday April thru November. Has this changed?  I use to tell Bridget when she was little it was chicken!  Ha

  3. Anna: Reese's Blizzards are my SECOND favorite.  Chocolate peanut butter milkshakes are my FIRST favorite. LOL...
    My boyfriend also thought Lost in Translation was too slow, but I loved it, I guess because I'm lonely like they were in the movie too, sometimes...
    I will tell you more about my Laura pilgrimage sometime, it was unforgettable and I'm so thankful I got to go.  
    This was such a great (and time-consuming, I'm whining again) list, it really made me think about where I was, thank you!

    Alphawoman: You have shamed me now! I live only about three blocks away from that fish fry and I've never been to it.  We drive by it all the time and say, oh, let's go next week, and we never do. I want to think it's every Friday in the summer?, I'll have to drive by there tomorrow and look.
    China Inn is my favorite restaurant!, I started going there when I was in high school (I went to Manual) and my German teacher would send me over there to get egg rolls for her lunch. Then I went all through college.  Since I've been going there for about 15 years now, I walk in and they really say, "Hi Michelle, the usual?", kind of like Cheers. LOL

  4. I love this list and your answers. I think I might "borrow" it to post on my blog. Of course, I'd write my own answers or maybe not and let those people who know me go WTF? Has Karen gone mad? LOL

    1. Heh, I don't mind if you steal my answers...although the site specific ones might be a little odd, LOL.