Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Michelle vs. Crickets, or The Crickets Are Winning the War

Since 1996, I have had cricket issues.
I don't know what made 1996 the magic year for them to come and then never really go away.
Inside and outside, they always...are.
I have sprayed, and had professionals come spray, and they always go away for a few months.
But then they come back.  They always come back.
Two or three months ago, they came back again.  I called my trusty Dad with his bag of tricks, and he came over and sprayed for me.  And it worked, for a while.  I had won the battle.
But the crickets are winning the war.
For over two months, there was no sign of a cricket anywhere.  Life has been good, and peaceful.  I even got out of the habit of clearing a room before I walked into it, and stopped leaving the bathroom light on.
And so things have been going great, until this morning, when I walked into the bathroom and felt a suspicious tickling sensation on my foot.  A CRICKET WAS ON ME!
After much screaming and yelling around and banging the wall, I finally killed the cricket.  Then I collapsed in a quivering heap on the couch and stared blankly at the wall, finally rousing myself to get up and take my daughter to school.
So now I'm back to being the cricket cop, taking my Raid with me everywhere I go in my house, just in case.  Other people have termites, or mice...I have crickets.
Eternally, it seems. :(


  1. LOL.  i shouldn't laugh i know.  bugs are a major issue for you.  but the image of you jumping up and down, yelling, banging the wall, all over a cricket makes me laugh big time.  I know how you feel though.  I usually get lots of lady bugs.  don't know why!  but i don't like ANY bugs in my house.  lady bugs i can't even kill with a good conscience, because i heard they are good luck.  so i have to get a sheet of paper, make them get on it, and then take them outside to be free.   spring is the season, unfortunately, for buggies to come visiting.  gonna have to spray again.  then you'll be good to go for a couple months again.  

  2. I guess were lucky where we live, the crickets don't come out here till August.  But I do understand where your coming from.  There is a huge spider in our dining room...and Josh and I are freaking out about it...just waiting for hubby to take care of it for  ~Julie

  3. Hello Michelle!!  I CANNOT stand bugs of any kind either.  I freak out whenever I see one.  I make either my kids or Tim kill them for me.  I can't even step on a bug with a shoe on, I get the willies and freaks me out.  I hope your cricket problem goes away-maybe spraying again.  That is a funny image of you hopping around and screaming--something I am known to do, also!  
    Thanks for the wonderful comments you leave in my journal!  ~Jan

  4. LOL I'm glad you all got a laugh out of this...I did too, after the adrenaline wore off...and my daughter, the whole time in the hallway, "Um, Mommy? Are you okay? Mommy? Do you need help?", and then, when she hears it's a cricket (and I've raised her to be like me, I guess), "Kill it! Kill it!".
    I'm going to have my dad over this weekend to spray again, and now I'm bracing myself for the possibility of the cicadas.

  5. I had a cricket problem, but only once.  Under the kitchen cabinet.  I don't know how it got there or where it came from and it drove me nuts.  It finally went away on its own, thank goodness!