Thursday, May 27, 2004

Isn't it swell

Wow, Tuesday's storm has nothing on tonight's.  My electricity is in imminent danger of going out any time now.  There's been at least four confirmed tornado touchdowns in the area so far.  And the line of storms keep coming.
I was at the Y and was watching the storm's progression the whole time on the TVs there.  It started out up in Indiana so I figured I had time before it got to Louisville.  Then I lost track of time and when I came back around with four machines left, the line of storms was at the river.
I quickly whipped through my last sets, ran to the teen room, collected my daughter, and we ran to the car.  It wasn't raining yet, but there was a very black ugly wide mass of clouds to the north. 
When I got to the car I had about a million calls on my cell phone.  In addition to my grandmother (just like last time), this time also my mom, my dad, and my boyfriend had all called me to see why I wasn't at home.  They always do that...I know they love me, but sometimes I wonder why they don't call my brother and bug him like the way they bug me.  Not sure why there's a difference there, but there is...
So I thought I'd make it home before we got hit, but by the time I was driving by the southwest side of the park leaves and sticks were flying through the air.  Then I got to the north side of the park where it's not sheltered by hills and things were crazy.  Everyone was stopped on the side of the road but I was too close to home to stop now!
So despite the wind and the rain, we made it home safely, again.  It's becoming hazardous to go out in my city anymore!
My poor dad up in Indiana didn't fare so well...his electricity is out, and a tree fell on his car.  He's very grumpy right now.
I think I'll go now before I hear the tornado sirens, and not after.