Monday, May 10, 2004

It's May 10....

and after I get some sleep tonight I think I may have my life back!
My daughter gave me a giant balloon for Mother's Day.  We were out shopping Saturday (Walgreens, of course), and she comes running and asks to borrow ten dollars so she could get my Mother's Day present, and my keys so she could put it in the car.
I give her the money and the keys, continue shopping, and turn the corner and catch a glimpse of a blond-haired girl wrestling with a giant balloon.  I KNEW it was my daughter.
Pretending I didn't see anything, she comes back with my keys, I buy my cards, and we get in the car, where for the whole way home she is holding the balloon down in the backseat and I have to pretend I don't see it, or hear it.
Then she puts it in her room in the closet, where I had to pretend I didn't see it when I was putting her clothes away.
Finally, yesterday, she took it over to my grandparent's house (next door) where we always have Mother's Day, so she could give it to me there.  Next thing I know, my 3-year old nephew that I was watching came to me, saying, "Aunt Michelle, the balloon went up in the sky, she dropped it!"
I dashed to the phone to call next door and speak to my daughter, who I knew would be devastated by this.  I was going to let her know that I had at least seen the balloon and I thought it was beautiful and it was okay!
But I didn't get to speak to her, because she had dashed through my grandmother's house to the backyard, then dashed back through and said she was coming back home, then into my house yelling, "I need to get into the backyard!"
I unlocked the back door and she ran into the backyard, grabbing the balloon that had flown OVER the house and gotten caught in the BACKYARD FENCE!  The balloon was still with us!
About an hour later, with great ceremony, she finally presented the balloon to me.  It really is a beautiful gift from my beautiful daughter, and I was so happy to finally get to see it!


  1. awww, that's gotta be the cutest Mother's Day story yet!!  and how lucky that balloon didn't go flying up into the blue yonder!!  sounds like you had a wonderful Mom's day!  ~Julie

  2. you FINALLY got to SEE it!   LOL  What a babydoll C is!  so sweet and adorable!  i'm so happy the balloon didn't fly away.  she really struggled with that thing!  WOW!!  the store, the car, then for it to attempt to "escape", geez!  what decoration was on the balloon?  i'm curious what she chose.

    is the paper all done and turned in?  i was thinking about it all weekend.  now its OVER!!!  yeah!!  break time.  smiling

  3. I'm SO glad the balloon didn't fly away, she would have been devastated!
    I got done with my paper at 4:07 a.m.  I thought about it all weekend too!  It really ruined any good times, as I was scribbling paper notes in my notebook everywhere we went this weekend...
    Then I got about two hours of sleep, before I had to get up.
    I really think I'm too old for this, and I'm so relieved school's over!

  4. Well, after all your little girl's hard work and determination; I am so glad the balloon didn't blow away, and you finally got to see it!!  That is a wonderful Mother's Day story!
    Thanks for the great comment you left in my journal about my tribute to my mother!  I spent a long time on writing that, plus a few tears!  We spent Mother's Day going down to see my mom.  We planted a few flowers in a pot, and hung them up for her.  I think the trip was really good for my daughter, she was pretty close to my mom.  
    I really enjoy your journal!  I'm glad you finally got your paper written; I tend to procrastinate a little when it comes to writing papers, also.  But, once I get into them, I really have fun doing the research.
    Stop by my journal anytime-I will be reading yours everyday now!  -Jan  :)

  5. BTW Anna, the balloon is a giant yellow hurt with polka dots and flowers and butterflies, and it says Happy Mother's Day!  

  6. Aww, this is a sweet and lovely story!  I said "hooray!" when I read the part where the balloon didn't fly away after all.  

    You're the luckiest Mom in the world.  =P