Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Empty entry...

Because I'm so tired, as always.  I feel so inadequate, lately, as I seem so busy and yet I can't get anything done, and all I have to show for anything is exhaustion.
We went to the sneak preview of New York Minute today.  It was great!  Because of the way I love these girly preteen movies, I think my mental age is about 12.  And that's okay, because my daughter and I can hang out and stuff.  At least, until she gets older than me.
Here's my results from the quiz I took from John Scalzi's page:


WILLOW You are compassionate and independent. You're the kind of tree who wants to help other trees find themselves in a crazy world you know all too well. You love the gentler side of nature and like things simple and elegant. A night owl, you like things peaceful all the time and are often vexed when others invade your solitude. You love the water as much as the land, feeling at home in both. Often shy, you always want to do things right, and crave attention every now and then. You fear that what you love most may one day turn on you, but it doesn't stop you from getting close to others. You are a good listener and other trees often come to you for advice or someone to talk to. You admire others who freely share themselves. When you leave the world, you want others to remember your example and follow it.
What's Your Inner Tree? brought to you by Quizilla


  1. I love the willow description.  I took that test twice hoping to be a willow.  Unfortunately, i'm an oak.  YUCK!  how beautiful is an oak?  i'm bummed.

    but i have to say that willow does fit you pretty well.  you are a babydoll!

  2. I'm glad you cherish these moments with your daughter.  When Bridget was 12, we went and watched the movie "The Crow" at leat fivetimes.  She loved it!  I almost know it by heart.

  3. The weeping willow is my favorite tree.  I was thinking of planting one in my yard to start replacing the lost oak and maple trees on my street.  But the most beautiful tree I know is a huge, old oak tree in a field on National Turnpike.  It's been allowed to grow without ever being trimmed or distorted by things around it, I could stare at it all day, it's fascinating to look at.  

    I love The Crow, it's one of my favorite movies.  In a couple of years when my daughter gets older, we'll definitely watch it.  Right now for us it's The Lizzie Maguire Movie, we've seen it several times the past few months!

  4. BTW Thank you Anna, you always make me feel so much better about myself! You are awesome!

  5. I've taken this test before, and I'm a Willow too!