Sunday, May 30, 2004

Karmic weirdness

Today brought more tornados...yes, I really do feel like I live in Kansas now!  At least seven tornado touchdowns in my part of the country, and the tornados sirens by my house went off three times.  Scary...
So, after the first storms were over this evening, I had a babysitter, and my boyfriend and I decided to go to the movies.  We figured we had at least three or four hours before the second round of storms got here.
What movie did we decide on?  'The Day After Tomorrow', of course!  I love mindless disaster movies, and after surviving this week, it seemed a fitting choice.
So we're sitting in the movie theater, and the movie is almost over, and...the lights go out in the theater.  Goodbye movie, hello emergency lights.
Yes, it was another tornado! (I can't believe in just a week's time I've become relatively calm about these things.)
How ironic is it that we missed the end of this weather disaster movie...because of a weather disaster? 
The theater management made us stay inside until the storm passed.  When we finally left, there was no electricity, no traffic lights, and there was debris everywhere.
I was very thankful when I got home and realized that my house was still okay, and I even had electricity.  There are those around here who are not so lucky...some with no electricity, and some with no houses.
I hope and pray that things will get better tomorrow for everyone affected by today's storms.


  1. i'm so glad you're okay.  i know tornados are very scary.  there was only once that we were in danger, and it was terrible.  i didn't even know kentucky was having that problem right now.  i guess i need to pay attention to the weather channel more often.  take care!  

  2. We had tornado watches all day and night yesteday...altho we were very lucky and it all went around us.  I'm like you, I am getting very use to storms now after being hit with storms and rain all month!!  Glad you, your family, and your house were all safe.  Julie

  3. Gosh Michelle, KS isn't even getting that many tornados this year.  I think they might have all decided to hit your area!  We have had several days of 70% chance of thunderstorms and tornados possible, but what do they do??  They all went around us!!  Not a drop of rain at all!   I am so glad that you are ok!


  4. about ironic! I don't know wether to laugh or gasp! I'll do both... -B