Thursday, April 29, 2004

Derby: Two days left...

All the famous people have been coming to town this week.  Or that's what I'm told: I hear them on our local radio stations and read about them in the newspaper.  At this time of year, we begin to see limos in abundance, and all the media people ask all the famous people the same question: "What's your Derby pick?".
I won't even make a joke about asking people from out of town what their Derby pick is, because EVERYBODY ALWAYS asks EVERYBODY ELSE what their Derby pick is.  Even strangers on the street.  Because you never know, someone might have the inside scoop and make this year's Derby a happy one!
(Okay, every Derby is a good one, and always exciting.  But it's a fact, the ones that you remember most fondly are the ones in which your horse wins it.  For me, it was Winning Colors in 1988 and Charismatic in 1999.)
Here are some different ways of picking your horse for the Derby:
1. Dosage index, Rasmussen factor, tip and finger sheets - these are all scientific and insider tips that usually...don't really work.  Either a horse fails the chart and wins, or, in the case of Charismatic, it made the chart on dosage but the experts all said he wasn't good enough, and he still won.  I guess these horses didn't know they were supposed to lose!
2. Go to the dawn workouts at the track - I've never done this, but many people do and swear by a horse's good workout.  Doesn't work.
3. Know an owner or trainer and pledge your allegiance to them by betting their horse.  Works as well as anything else.
4. Pick your horse by the name or the colors. Most normal, non-fanatical people do this. This also works as well as anything else.
5. Close your eyes and hit your program with a pencil.  Whatever it lands on is your horse.  I HAVE BEEN MOST SUCCESSFUL WITH THIS!
I'm going to go look at the post positions now...


  1. I think Shane Sellers is on a roll, so who ever he is riding is who I am going with.  As good as any.  I have hit the Derby once, with War Emblem.  It was ao exciting!

  2. Alphawoman: I know! I hate the grumps who complain about the traffic and the tourists - yes, it's inconvenient, but it's so exciting.  Even when my horse loses the Derby, I still get tears in my eyes and I'm so proud of whatever horse won it.

    You reminded me of another way to pick a horse: go for the jockey! My grandpa is in the Pat Day crowd - picks him every year.  You know, it worked that one time! (remember Lil E Tee?!)

  3. I just think your hot....

  4. have to be honest here, i've never been to a derby or a horse race for that matter.  oh heck, i've never been to any kind of race:  car, dog, marathon, whatever.  But let me say that the odds of winning sound hit or miss all the way!  you won 10 years apart from each other, so i'm thinking 2009 will be your year again.  lol.  hope i'm wrong!  have a great weekend!  sounds like you will.

  5. Congrats!!!!I just found you on sports talk!!!!! That is terrific!

  6. Michelle's, THE WAY TO WIN AT HORSE RACING. is the most accurate way, to win.  The only comment that I want to  add to MRCCGOODY'S thoughts are that:

    1.  The odds of you winning at a race track with a $2.00 bet, with 15 to 1 odds, far exceeds, the quick $2.00 down the drain at a gambling boat at a slot machine.

    2.  So in another words, LUCK!!, LUCK!!,  is what it is all about,

    3.  So If you are determine to spend your money on "LUCK",  then the Derby far exceeds your chances, than a Riverboat.


  7. Anna: As always, you crack me up, that's exactly right, I win every 10 years or so!  I might as well not even try for another five years!  It's always a fun time, and so beautiful to watch...

    Alphawoman: Thanks! It's a little intimidating, but cool...

    Makredy: Thanks, I think...

    Dad: I'm so glad you made a comment! Happy early birthday! Love you...

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to Mrccgoody's dad!!!  When is the actual day?  Hope it is wonderful!!!!

  9. It's actually today! It falls on Derby Day every few years or so... :)

  10. My favorite Derby was 1973...1978 was okay, too. Each year after that I keep hoping for our next triple crown winner, but alas it's been a LONG, long wait. Perhaps this next year will be the year!

    1. 1973 is my favorite Derby year because it's the year I was born, and the greatest horse of all time won the Triple Crown! It's always made me feel like Secretariat was kinda MY horse...

      I know, I've been waiting on that Triple Crown winner, too! That would be so wonderful to see...