Sunday, May 23, 2004

Old Friends

This weekend's assignment:
The summer before second grade I moved to another new place and had to make more new as an Army brat, you know.
My first day at my new house, I was outside watching the movers take the boxes in, and an older girl stopped by on her bike, and said, "You're the same age as my sister, I'll go get her."
The sister, Carrie, came over, and that was my first best friend in second grade.  She lived across the street from me on the Army base, as did my other best friends Eileen and Crystal, and the four of us remained best friends until I moved away after 4th grade.
My memories of that friendship are precious to me, with lots of slumber parties, secret clubs, and gymnastics and skating sessions.  Life was good.
I really didn't keep in touch very well with my friends after I moved, but our mothers did, for the most part!  I last saw Eileen when she came to visit in 8th grade...she is now a mother living in New Mexico.  I last saw Carrie when I went to visit her while I was in high school...she still lived in the same area, and has since married an Army GI (still living the life!).  I haven't seen Crystal since my teen years, either, and we've unfortunately lost touch.  But I'll always appreciate making such good friends so quickly in a new place, when I really needed it!
And for my extra credit, the 2nd grade me:


  1. awww, what a cute picture!!  :o)  

  2. You are adorable!

  3. hey there fellow army brat and neil gaiman fan!  thanks for visiting my journal and leaving a comment.  i'm going to be a frequent visitor to your journal,  you can bet.  i think you came to my book journal, TheBiblioPhiles, yes?  i have another one, personal and political,  here:

  4. (big big smile from anna)  oh how cute you are!  adorable.  no wonder C is as beautiful as she is!  

  5. What a cute picture!  You were adorable!  
    My friend and I also had a little club we started.  You can read about it in my journal entry.  

  6. Aw, gee, thanks guys...  I was so glad that he chose 2nd grade...every school picture after that, from 3rd through 10th grade (!), is NOT good, all you see is HUGE (covering the entire face) glasses, or braces, or both!  Thankfully, in 11th grade, I finally had contacts in and the braces off (LOL)...

    Anna, thank you so much!  I love it when people say that she looks like me, even though I can't really see it, I still love to hear it!

    Marigolds and Kristina, thank you for visiting!  I'm checking out the links you left now...

  7. Hi Michelle~

    Sorry it took me so liong to reply.  That's a great picture of you-weren't you adorable?!


  8. Hi Michelle,

    That is such a good pic of you.  You look cute in there.  I can tell you make friends easy.

    Take Care,

  9. You're right! Remarkably similar friendship posts. But I must say I am envious. I always wanted to live ON base. My mother was a mega-snob and insisted that officers should live in a REAL house OFF base. *sigh* Kids on the base were in the same boat as me...transient lifestyle...impermanent. They understood the need to make friends fast and settle in. In the outside world, I was the "new" kid...looked on with suspicion and kept at a distance while they slowly tried to decide if it was worth letting me join the fun.  -B