Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Tired tired tired

And it's raining, raining, raining all the time anymore. 

And lightning and thunder, also.

I took my daughter to Penney's last night to get a bathing suit.  We also bought a belt for her.  It felt like such a normal thing to do... I never go shopping for clothes, but it seems my 11-year old does.  I go to bookstores only, usually.  I also do midnight visits to Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

After we (thankfully) left the mall, I decided we should go to Barnes & Noble to use the gift certificate I got for Mother's Day.

The nearest Barnes & Noble is on the other side of the world from where I live.  I wasn't quite sure how to get there from where I was without backtracking to the Watterson.  So I just decided to head east and figured I'd make it there eventually...

Until I made a wrong turn and found myself going towards the freeway.  Okay, freeway it is!

We got on the freeway and then the skies opened up and dropped more rain on us.  And it was such a beautiful thing...

The freeway we were on runs in a circle around the outside edge of the city...and it's a beautiful drive anytime, really...lots of hills and valleys and meadows and woods to see.  Right when the rain started, the sun had set and it was that moment between light and was soft gray, and the rain made the greens of the trees and the hills stand out.

The semi trucks were causing fogs of mist to hang over the freeway, and we came over a hill and the valley opened up before us.  I was so glad we came that way!

We did lots more that evening.  We made it to the bookstore, where we couldn't even enjoy ourselves because it got dark and then the winds came at 50-60 mph, making eerie howling noises outside the store...and if I wasn't nervous enough, my grandmother called me three times while I was there, with "Where are you?", and "Did you know there was a flash flood watch?", etc...

We left the bookstore in the middle of the monsoon and drove for a nerve-wracking 30 minutes to get back home. 

But before I went to sleep last night, I forgot all about the scariness of the storm...I only remembered the beauty of the twilight!


  1. Sounds like you and your daughter had fun shopping despite all the wind and rain.  I love doing things like that with my daughter--only thing is, she feels she needs ONE of everything in the store!!  -Jan

  2. Hey BTW, I took the are you cool/uncool quiz, and I am a Square also.  Who would have thought??   -Jan

    I think I am cool!

  3. I loved this entry!  I love how you found the beauty of the storm you were it's been raining so much, I just see mud, mud and more mud!!  I guess I need to look through "better" eyes to see the beauty in it.  :o) Julie

  4. Julie: I really don't see the mud, I'm always looking up at the sky...except at night coming up my sidewalk, of course, because I always have to watch out for crickets!

    Jan: My daughter always needs everything, too. Can we say spoiled?
    I tried to post the results of that Are You A Square Test and I couldn't get it to look right, so I gave up.  Must be my innate squareness, again...I thought I was cool, too.  Just delusional, I guess...