Thursday, May 13, 2004

What is a Time Mage?

What type of mage are you? 
You are the time mage: You have a second site that allows you to see situations from a point of view that others cannot. Although you can't exactly "see the future" you can predict the outcomes of certain situations better than most.

VICE: You tend to be detached or unemotional. You also have a problem with understanding specific viewpoints because you can see a bigger picture than most people.
Most of this is pretty accurate, but...are detached and unemotional the same thing?
The unemotional thing is way off base, of course...I cry too much, for one thing.  But detachment is something else.  When something is too painful to bear, I think I do detach.  Doesn't everybody?  I hope?  You can't stay detached forever, but it's a very good defense mechanism until you're ready to join life again.  I think I've jumped back in, though, haven't I?
I can't believe I'm questioning my life now over the results of a quiz!  I'll have to think about this more...


  1. Hi Michele!  I am a spirit mage!  I thought these quizzes were way too much fun!!  -Jan

  2. I have second sight too.  Comes from my Mom, who got it from her Mom....Thanks for your email...will email back.  Am going through the 40+ alerts I have today.  Thank God its fixed!

  3. you are definitely NOT detached or unemotional.  you are very loving and sweet.  i think that you do tend to be a very private person though.  sometimes you are an observer (remember chicago?), but that's because of differences in perception/ possible fear of rejection.  once you get passed that, its all good.  kisses!!