Sunday, May 30, 2004


Some things to be thankful for...
I was thankful Friday morning taking my daughter to camp and myself to work...trees were down, EVERYWHERE, from Thursday night's storms.  I only had to think of us, out, the night before, in the middle of it, to be incredibly grateful that we made it home safely.
Today, my 3-year old nephew fell from the top bunk (don't ask what he was doing up there to begin with!), breaking a window in the process, and landed on the floor WITHOUT A SCRATCH ON HIM...he and my daughter were incredibly freaked out about it and I didn't think I'd ever get them to stop crying, but then it was over and he was perfect as ever.  Again, incredibly grateful, and humbled...
My boyfriend has had to work long hours this week, including today...all in all I think he ended the week at about 80 hours.  (...Yes, I HATE his job, but I'll try not to rant about this now as this is a THANKFUL entry!)  When he got off work today, he dragged his old, broken-down body (this is how he describes himself!) out to church so that he could do the weed-eating...I went to help him so he could get done faster...and that's what made me thankful.  Tired as we were, our bodies are strong, and relatively healthy, and I'm so grateful I'm alive and well.
And, as much as I'm the hermit leave-me-alone type, I'm so very thankful for my family...who won't ever leave me alone and who sometimes get on my nerves, but I couldn't live without them.  My mother is my grandmother, loves me so grandfather, who I admire more than anyone in the world.  I'd be lost without them.
I can go on and beautiful daughter, who brings such joy to my life (and also other great feelings seeing as how she is now a moody, hormonal pre-teen) awesome boyfriend, who today surprised me with a brand-new air conditioner (awesome, right?!) church, my job...
I'm having a good time, right now.  Not getting nearly enough sleep, still having the occasional panic attack, and completely overwhelmed with life stuff, but still...enjoying it while I can.  Bad times are always soon to follow a good spell, my depression may come back at any time, and I'm feeling this urgent need to soak in as much happiness as possible, because pretty soon it may all go away...
So, while I can, accepting the hard things and all, I'm so thankful I'm here.  Feeling like Hob Gadling these days...I choose life!


  1. Beautiful Entry!  I am glad to hear the you faired the storms, and that you have so very much to be thankful for.  :o) Julie

  2. you are such a wonderful lady, michelle!  this is a beautiful, heart touching entry.  i really appreciated and enjoyed it a lot.  

    many times we tend to dwell on life's problems, things we wish were different, and otherwise.  but this entry just shows that in the midst of problems (trees down, babies falling out of bunks, long exhausting hours at work, moody hormonal cutie pie, panic attacks/ depression),

    you are an awesome, inspiring chick!  thank you for this entry, it was very special!