Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I can't stop the world...

I checked my grade online, and I got an A-...yay!  I guess that means I got an A- on my paper.  It also makes me wonder if my professor actually read my paper, because it was actually 14 pages of desperation and not really deserving of an A.  But I'll take it!
Now, my daughter only has two more days left of school, and then, thankfully, school is out for her too!  I say thankfully because this has been a VERY hard year for her, and I'm just thankful she made it through okay.  She went to the doctor today and we have some new things to try and hopefully this summer will be a good, healing one.
I have her in day camp for most of the summer...I wish so much that I could be home with her right now, but I have to work.  The best summer I've had in recent memory was in 1998, when I was laid off in May, had the whole summer off, and then went back to work in August!  At first, of course, I didn't view being laid off as a blessing, but it turned out to be just that, as we had a great summer together. 
I've been going to the gym and working out pretty faithfully since last December, and now, for once, I'm kind of looking forward to the summer.  I was pretty much the most out of shape person in the world when I started working out.  The only reason I started was because I was taking my daughter to the Y every time the doors opened, it seemed, and one of the workers there just really badgered me about just sitting there when I could be doing something...(to which I said, I am doing something, I'm READING!)...
Why didn't anyone ever tell me about this whole working out thing before?  Maybe they did, actually, but I never paid attention...  I can't believe I didn't do it sooner, and I'm so mad at myself for all the time I wasted.  After five months, I'm stronger, I have more stamina, I look better, I feel about a million times better, and I'm even more coordinated (had nowhere to go but up, there)!
So this summer, I'm ready!  Mother-daughter hiking excursions, here we come!  And I'm really excited about whitewater rafting, it's something I always love to do in the summer, but this time I may actually be effective at it (I've been doing the row/rear delt machine, you know!). 
Only three problems remain with this summer and my new active outdoor lifestyle, now that we've gotten the whole shortness of breath and gasping for air issues out of the way:
1.  THE HEAT.  I would prefer to live in Alaska, but since I can't, I'm going to suck it up and be happy.  And maybe duck into an air-conditioned room every chance I get.
2.  THE BUGS.  I guess my problems with bugs are pretty well-documented here.  I resolve to use OFF and ignore the smell and stickiness!
3.  THE SUN.  I usually only go out at night...I'm one of those cave-dwellers.  I can use sunblock, but it's the whole principle of the thing...the sun is just far too bright to comfortable be in it.  (you know, heavenly hurt...)  But I will try very hard to be a sun-lover this summer and leave the cave-dwellers behind!
I hope this summer can be a new beginning for my family, and for anyone else, who really needs this...


  1. Michelle, sounds like you have a great summer planned.  May I come whitewater rafting with you?!  That is something I have always wanted to do, but haven't yet.

    I've been badgering Tim for about the last year or more on getting a treadmill, I would just love to work out--when I wanted to instead of having to treck to a gym to do it.  I need the motorized action to keep me at the same pace!!     He just doesn't seem to get it, though.  -Jan

  2. Hi,

    I owe you a huge apology.  You have been to my journal and I have not had time to come and visit.  My alerts were not working for the longest and now I am playing catch up.  I want to thank you for the nice comments you left in my journal.  I like you journal.  This is interesting.  I also take online classes.  Mu husband and I also love Carole King.  I have to come here everyday for sure.  Congratulations on your A grade.  I know you deserved it since you sound like you are intelligent.  If you have a degree in Philosophy, you are definitely smart as I could not even handle three weeks of it in my humanities class.  I got an A on that paper though only because I got to write about God.

    Take Care,

  3. An A?????  After a weekend of torment?  all that worrying and moaning.  you got an A!!!!    YES!!!!!!  who cares how you got it, YOU GOT IT!!!   very happy for you!  Congrats!!!!

    only two more days of school for C?  geez!  she's lucky.  my son still has a couple of weeks.  and he can hardly wait to be done.  he's had it with school this year.  

    that is wonderful about your determination with the gym time.  5 months and now look what you have to look forward to.  i hope you all have a fantastic summer!  now go out and buy a sexy swim suit!!!  you deserve it.  (big smile)

    Yep, i hate the heat too!   Yep, not a bug fan.   Yep, sunshine kills my eyes.  (in fact yesterday when i went outside it was so friggin bright, i told my son.....its time for me to go back in my dungeon where its nice and dark and cool."  i mean it was awful!!!)

    i guess just gotta readjust to nice weather.  time to break out of that winter mindset.  where we just want to stay indoors, warm, comfy and cozy.  

    i have no doubt you'll have a fantastic summer.  and no one deserves it more.  kisses to C!!!!  

    sorry i haven't been around much, i've been really shutting myself off lately.  i need to fight against it, just like you do sometimes.  its good to be here though.  i've gotten your emails, love, concern, and i do thank you!!!  love and kisses!!!!

  4. Congrats on the A!!!  Way to go!!  Sounds like you have a great summer planned, especially the rafting sounds like tons of fun!  ~Julie

  5. Jan: Yes, come whitewater rafting with us! The more, the merrier...I think I may have to write in here about some of my favorite raft trips someday, it's a really great, albeit exhausting, time.

    Anita: No apology necessary! I really enjoy reading your journal, I'm glad you came to visit!

    Anna: I'm sooo glad to see you out and about!  I don't think you should push yourself too hard, but you're right, sometimes you can actually slide backward.  I'm still praying for you, and you know I'm always here for you.

    Julie: Thank you! I worked hard for that A, all that complaining took a lot of work! (LOL).