Saturday, May 15, 2004

Weekend Assignment #5

Weekend Assignment #5: Recount your most memorable encounter with celebrity.
I CAN'T!  I live in Kentucky, the only encounters with celebrities around here involve being cut off by limos during Derby time.
Okay.  This celebrity encounter involves, of course, the Derby, and this will hopefully be my last Derby entry until next year.
It was May, 1997, and the night after Silver Charm had won the Kentucky Derby.  My boyfriend, my brother, my sister-in-law, and I, had gone out to eat at my favorite place in the world.  We're sitting there, enjoying our dining experience, until we hear a sudden uproar and the place, if possible, gets louder than it already was.
What? Who?
Yes, of course, it was BOB BAFFERT and MIKE PEGRAM, plus entourage, enjoying their night on the town after winning the Kentucky Derby.  (For the uneducated, Bob Baffert is the trainer, Mike Pegram is the owner.)  It was very exciting, particularly for those in our group who had won money on Silver Charm.
And, you ask, where do million dollar winners go to celebrate their Derby victory?
Why, the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, of course!
It was a really cool thing.