Thursday, July 29, 2004

I'm going to sleep now. Really.

No matter how late I stay up, I still have to get up at 7 a.m.  It'll be earlier than that when school starts next month.  Why can't I go to bed earlier? 
I swear, it's the laundry.
I took my mom out to eat for her birthday today, to her favorite restaurant (Tumbleweed).  She wanted to go to the one that's really far my daughter and I were driving there to meet her, we figured out why...there's a bookstore in the same shopping center, to which Mom received about $150 worth of gift certificates for at her birthday party Saturday.  She thought she was being my daughter and I got to the restaurant first, ordered our drinks, and as soon as Mom came in and sat down, we asked her what time the bookstore closed. 
The guilty look on her face was priceless!  We collapsed in laughter...
I'm so thankful for my mother, and for my daughter, and for today.


  1. wow, what a great day!!  I love life's moments like that...priceless!!!
    Hugs, Julie
    PS...go to bed!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Please tell your mother a big Happy Birthday from me.  I am glad you had fun taking her out.  You have had a few birthdays this month.  You have sure been busy.  How was the bookstore trip?  Did you get any books for yourself?

    I know it is hard that school will be starting soon.


  3. Bookstore certificates...perfect! Happy Birthday to your Mom! -B

  4. That is great.  You had her tagged before she got there   john

  5. LOL That was good!!


  6. Smiling.  Happy Happy Birthday to Mom!!!!!  $150 in bookstore gift certificates.  Wow!  That's a whole lot.  Hope she got some good ones.