Monday, January 27, 2014

Trying to walk to my own beat...

Here's what I'd like...

1. More time
2. More time
3. More time
4. Bloggie friends to please stop blogging so I can catch up!!!
5. More time
6. No more migraines
7. No more migraines
8. No more migraines
9. Warmth
10. Warmth

Okay, since we have that out of the way, NEXT!

Here's another throwback post celebrating ten years of blogging, suggested by Chelsea, who wants it known that she is no longer scared of BTVS and also, she does not talk to ghosts. Or vampires.

From 7/6/04, If you only knew...

My daughter begged and begged to be allowed to watch an episode, ANY episode, of Buffy...her reasons being that she is a big fan of the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack, and she is almost 12 now, and ALL her friends are allowed to watch the show, except for her, etc...
So I thought, well, the first season was pretty tame, I'll let her watch Welcome to Sunnydale/The Harvest.  I even made her close her eyes through the bad parts and turned the sound down.
She seemed to take it well enough, until bedtime.  Here are the top five reasons why letting your immature almost-12-year-old watch Buffy is not a good idea:
5.  There is no question, this time, about whose bed she is sleeping in tonight.

4.  You get drawn into a long, drawn-out treatise on why vampires really do exist.  Even when you say, "They're not real. Period."  You get asked back, "How do you KNOW?".  "You can't be sure."  The child then proceeds to tell you where in the Bible it says that demons walk the earth, and vampires are demons, right? Um...

3.  She immediately makes plans to ask our preacher to bless some holy water for her.

2.  She rearranges the kitchen cabinets looking for garlic powder.

And, even though I've assured her that a) vampires aren't real, and b) they couldn't get in the house anyway without being invited in, the top reason against letting her watch this is:

1.  She slept last night with a wooden 'Medieval Times' stake under her pillow.