Monday, November 18, 2013

I wanna lay down in the falling snow...


Today I did the thing I never, ever thought I would do.

I volunteered to give up my desk by the window.

My beautiful sanctuary in the corner where no one bothers me - which I snagged by kind-of-underhanded-means years ago - has become my enemy.

See, my area already stands out in the office, because all the lights above my desk are out. I like it dark.

And the shades always remain shut.

And behind the shades, I have flattened cardboard boxes up against the window, to block any sunlight that might get in between the cracks.

And if any sunlight STILL tries to get in, I have taped up pieces of paper that I move periodically throughout the day as the sun moves...and sigh in relief every day after noon when it goes to the other side of the building.

But even after all that, today the sun still got through. It kept reflecting off the silver windowsill right into my eyes...

until finally, after the fourth or fifth time of knifelike pain, bam! A migraine was born.

I don't always make the most rational decisions when I'm in pain, trying to remain at work, and I've taken two Vicodin and a Flexeril. But I'm so sick of pain.

So I'm switching with Mark. He's deliriously happy to be moving desks for reasons I can't talk about in public. At least someone's happy.

Well, probably lots of people will be happy...they'll get to have sunlight again, and stuff.


Having me in your office is kinda like having Death hanging around, if you think about it. Or, not Death...EEYORE.