Friday, November 15, 2013

Mostly, it's for the love.

I left for work at my usual time this morning...7:20 a.m.

I actually got to work way past my usual time this morning...9:26 a.m.


So my mom and I are just happily driving along, looking forward to another fun-filled day at our jobs, when her car just goes dead. At 65 mph. On the expressway.


She managed to get the car over to that little triangle on the exit ramp and promptly called AAA. We were assured that we were a priority because we were on the expressway.

Over an hour later we were still sitting there.

SCARY, with the semis speeding past us on both sides!

But we did finally get rescued. I was endeavoring to make a point, what was it?...



1. My wonderful mother and wonderful boyfriend have never wavered, never complained once, about ferrying me back and forth from work since I stopped driving two years ago. I am still fully licensed, insured and I have a working vehicle. It's just my mind that hasn't caught up yet. 

2. When the tow truck FINALLY came, Dwayne also met us on the expressway, and took us to Popa's so we could take Popa's van, because Dwayne had to go pick up Chelsea to take her to work. Dwayne's my hero and my family is truly special.

3. My mom carried the AAA gold card for years but I noticed that now, she's down to the regular AAA. Then I remembered why. After I totaled my Focus and bought my Chevy Malibu, I really had trouble figuring out the gas gauge. On Ford cars, I swear being on E means you can drive 30 more miles or so and be okay. In the Malibu, however, the orange light comes on and immediately the car stops.... 

...AND SO I RAN OUT OF GAS SO MANY TIMES. It got to where I became a joke around the office, because I called in late so many times for being out of gas. Then, inevitably, I used up all of my mom's service calls on her AAA plan. For the whole year. She was really mad. ... So anyway, I am very blessed to have a mother who doesn't hold a grudge. :)

We're going tomorrow to the cemetery, just down there and back. It's about five hours of driving at the least, but we're used to it...and we're taking the VAN and not the CAR.

I forgot about Blessing #4: We didn't get killed today...we were a tiny bit scared. STILL ALIVE.

'Kay, think I'm really done. Love y'all g'night.