Sunday, November 17, 2013

All must be well...

So, yeah, apparently, 'we're leaving at 9' really does mean 9, and not 10 or 11 or something more civilized. Who knew?

I really did intend to get up and be ready to go - I got up at 8, fixed some Lucky Charms, and promptly fell back asleep.

So instead of going down to London to decorate Moma's grave for winter, I woke up and fell asleep and felt guilty all day.

I spent quality time with my kitty. Our pets embody the joy and pain of life...the love is so pure, but everyday my heart breaks a little, because odds are I will outlive her. Sometimes I don't know how we stand to live with what we've seen and the knowledge we have.

I played my app some...I'm addicted to this kind of battle card RPG on my phone. It's well established that I'm a geek, so, there you go. :)

I watched some Glee.

I spent some time today trying to figure out what color my eyes are. I try to do this every once in a while. I have central heterochromia, which is a fancy way of saying each eye has two or more distinct colors. My eyes have a yellow starburst thingy around the pupil and then the iris is green. Usually. Only sometimes it's gray, or blue. So most days I have green eyes, and a few days I'm Arthur Dent.

Today I was Arthur Dent. I have eye-colored eyes.

What I did not do for most of the day was get on the computer. I guess I was taking a break even though I didn't intend to take a break.

When Chelsea got home from work it was like life and sunshine entered the house again. For being such a grump, she sure brings laughter and happiness wherever she goes anymore. I guess it's hard keeping up the grump face when you're working your dream job at your favorite place in the world!

She's my joy.