Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope...

Vincent Van Gogh - Roses, 1889

1. Another migraine. Started early this morning. I'm ready to go get rid of my sorrows by downing some chocolate and peanut butter - if I feel this bad anyway, how much worse can it be?

2. I'm not really going to do that - It can always get worse!

3. My liver, for instance, can't be in very good shape anymore. I don't drink, but I swallow painkillers like candy. When I'm in the midst of a migraine, I'll take whatever's on hand until I get relief from the pain. It doesn't matter if I've already taken four Excedrin Migraine, if the pain hasn't gone within an hour, let's take four Motrin and see if that works. 

4. And since the neurologist nixed all the OTC stuff and put me on RX drugs only, it's just upped the stakes.

5. Sorry, no more pain talk. If I can make it one more month, that will make 2013 a HOSPITAL-FREE year! Yay....

6. 2010-Hospital E/R. Broken leg. Complications. THREE months off work.

7. 2011-Um, 'Special' Hospital. TWO and a HALF months off work.

8. 2012-Hospital. Blood transfusions. Surgery. TWO months off work.

9. 2013-Recovering. All year long. I'm so much better in November than I was in January. I am thankful.

10. I sooo wanna talk about Doctor Who with someone, but no one I know has watched it! (Chelsea had to work.) It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

11. I've written about all I can, I have to go take another pill now and lay down in my dark room and think about all I've done to deserve this pain. :)