Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I need freedom now...

NASA Cassini image of Saturn's rings and Earth and moon

That's us...the tiny blue dot in the lower right corner of the picture. We're the prettiest.

So, yeah.

I've totally forgotten how to blog like a normal person, since my mind has been trained to blog about songs.


Let's do current events: 

  • I've been home from work so far this week with a migraine. Ouch. 
  • Right now I'm watching my Cats play Michigan State. Again, ouch. Maybe we'll catch up in the second half.
  • Ooh, now we're only down by 6...
  • Chelsea made a Christmas stocking for our living room floor-sleeper who I'm not allowed to talk about anymore ever ever again. 
  • The stocking is pink with white fur and pink sequins. It's truly impressive. I don't know where my daughter got her mad skills, because it's not from me. From my grandma, I guess.

It's occurred to me that if I blog every single day for the rest of the year, I will reach my 2004 blog post total. Can I do it?

Someone had better be shooting me some blogging ideas!