Friday, September 10, 2004

Such is...

I think I will start writing journal entries while I'm at work, and posting them when I get home...things are so much better at work than they are at home.  At least lately, they are.  
Of course, now that I've said that I'll probably get fired next week...  
(Of course I wouldn't write while I was at WORK, I meant while I was on BREAK at work.  I would never ever treat my job in such a way!  Shocked at the assumption!)  ;)  
I work in a high-rise building, but I work on the third floor, so I always take the stairs.  
a)  Because every little bit helps, and  
b)  Because I hate that strange vibe you get in elevators when there's more than just you.  
But one day, for some reason, I got on the elevator instead of taking the stairs.  A man was already standing in there.  I pressed '3', and it didn't light up.  I pressed '3' again.  And again.  And stared at the number panel, dumbfounded.  Why didn't it light up?  Why didn't the door close?  
And finally the man said, "Uh, ma'am, you do know that we're already on the third floor, right?..."   ...  
(sigh) Things like that happen to me all the time, unfortunately...

I don't get to go back to work until Monday...I'd run away this weekend, but of course I'd have to take the family with me!


  1. LOL, your too funny!!  I think you need to find a stress releaser this weekend!!  Take some time for just you and just breath and relax!!  :o)

    Here's hoping you have a great weekend!!

    Hugs, Julie

  2. lol, i guess you didn't know you were already on the 3rd floor huh?  That's the kind of thing that would happen to joey, he always has such bad luck!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like you need a break! ;)


  4. Don't feel bad about your elevator confusion! I did this the other day and I am standing there thinking, WHAT THE HECK! Of course by then, the nurses at the station were staring at me like I was stupid( they already hate us admission people so this added to their feeding frenzy!) Then it dawned on me! DUh! I have even gotten on the elevator, went down a floor, then back up to the same floor, got off and realized, yup, already been here! Now I walk around to the service elevator so they think I am Supposed to be there lol lol All in a day of a stressed out person!

  5.                 I like taking the stairs.  It's good exercise and I like the feel of something solid under me.  I feel helpless in an elevator because the machine controls everything.  I used to work on the ninth floor for years.  The first two weeks I took the stairs up and down only, for lunch, too.  Sometimes I'd take the elevator, but if I have the time, I like to take the stairs.  

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                     Hope all is well with you.

    Best wishes,