Thursday, September 2, 2004

No more jittery, let's go to frantic...

Well, it's 12:01 a.m. and officially D's birthday ... OMG it's his BIRTHDAY!  I haven't been shopping, I haven't baked a cake, I haven't made any plans! 
I'm deluding myself into thinking it's really not that bad.  I should get off work tomorrow way before he does... I'll buy cake mix and stuff in the morning.  I wonder if I have time to bake before I go to work?
I haven't bought his present yet, either.  What do you get for someone who doesn't really have any interests, and mostly only works all the time?  Twice a year I have  this dilemma...
You know how you start off Monday and think, wow, I have a whole week to get all this stuff done?
And then Thursday night comes and you think, OMG, what did I do all week?!  Where have I been?!
(Answer: Work.  Y.  Daughter's school.  Daughter's doctor's office.  Daughter's volleyball games.  Church.  Walgreens.  Work.  Work.  Work.  Work.  And, of course, computer.) 
I'll pull it all together, though, just wait and see...


  1. Breath in Breath out...
    I know what you mean about presents.  Jim is the man who has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!!  I bought him a watch once and he took it back and picked out a different most no big deal...but it broke my heart.  So now, I just say lets go shopping and you get what you want.  Or I get a gift certificate.  
    What about a romantic dinner just thte two of you?  
    Good luck getting things together...I will be thinking of you!!
    Hugs, Julie

  2. If you have any money to spare, buy a cake baked already, about $6.  I know it is a little bit of a waste, but it only once a year!  My husband has everything, so I am buying him one of those $20 Pac Man games that you connect to the television.  Buy him a sander! LOL!

  3. I think just making a cake...or maybe his favorite dinner, is enough. It is around here. LOL -B

  4. I hope D had a great birthday.


  5. I hope you got all your work completed.  It always happens to me that I think I have plenty of time to do things and then mysteriously I'm behind!