Sunday, September 12, 2004

My personal time capsule...

Scalzi' s Weekend Assignment #23: A Personal Time Capsule
100 years from now, your great-great-great-grandchild has been assigned to write a school report on your life and times. Help him or her by putting five things in a time capsule. The five things could include something personal or something that typifies the times we live in. One catch: It can't include a version of your AOL Journal (because that would be too easy, that's why).
Extra Credit: Put something in the box that would believe would be completely puzzling -- something they'd look at and say, "What the heck is this?"
Okay, here it is:
1. Our family history, complete with pictures:
It’s taken a lot of time and research to get know what we know about our family history…it would have been so much easier if, 100 years ago, my great-great-grandmother had put some information in a time capsule for me!
2. A catalog of American music:
Including bluegrass, country, soul, folk, jazz, rock & roll, rap …
3. A copy of the Constitution of the United States:
We’re a baby country yet we have the world’s oldest living constitution…it’s vitally important to our way of life and our freedom.
4. The history of space exploration up to the year 2004:
If we’re on Mars by then, it’ll be a nice relic. If the space program has fallen by the wayside by then, it’ll be an example of the long lost dreams of millions of people.
5. Books:
How can I choose just one? If pressed, I’ll have to choose the ‘Little House’ series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, nothing can beat this look into the American frontier of the 1880s…it shouldn’t be forgotten.
Extra Credit:
My copy of the original soundtrack to ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ on 8-track.  It's very special to me... :)