Thursday, September 16, 2004


(I say that word a lot.  And I've lived in Kentucky since I moved back here in ' it's not just, "Well".  Instead, it has a definite twang in there, kind of like, "Weyellllll"... LOL!)
We made it to Thursday.  I'm feeling very hopeful now, and very thankful.  It doesn't necessarily mean the drama is going away, right away...but it does mean that I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
We didn't go to school or work today since we were at the doctor's office most of the day.  I may still go in...I can't stand to think of all the work piling up on my desk for me to do tomorrow...and also, being as how I left early Tuesday, AND Wednesday (more drama), AND I'm out right now, I think it would probably be a good idea...but I'm just so happy to be relaxing at home for the first time in what seems like such a long time...what a dilemma!
Oh, who am I kidding, no way am I going to go in there this late, it's an approved day off and I'm going to take advantage of it!  Plus I'm catching my daughter at her best time, the middle of the day...
And this way I can go to the Y early and get back in time for 'Survivor'.  Not that I'm addicted, or anything.
We've had other quiet times this week, immediately followed by bad times, so I don't know why I'm treating this time differently, except that it IS, and I feel it, and I KNOW it.  It will take some time, but things WILL BE fine again.


  1. Weyellllll, (Lol)
    Everyone needs to relax and have some time off, so have a great day! We all need it every now and then. :o)


  2. LOL.....we say Weyelllll with just that sort of twang here in MO too.  I'm so glad you're finding some peace amidst the drama and problems.  Treasure it and don't feel guilty - you have to have some time to recharge, or you'll explode...and that won't help anybody.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I am still praying for you and I hope there is not too much work piled up on your desk when you go back.  I hope the doctors went well.


  4. Sounds like the calm after the storm?  I hope things turn around quickly when they do.

  5. Still clueless, but I hope whatever is going on resolves itself soon. :-) -B

  6. So??? What do you think of Survivor so far?? Got your favorites picked yet??? Who your gonna love to hate??  So far I am liking it, so far I am not liking a lot of the people...but it's only the first night.
    Hang in...and please remember I am here if you need me.  You are in my prayers.
    Huge Hugs, Julie

  7. (((michelle) sometimes justing"knowing" that things will be fine is all the faith you need. I've been praying for you and the family since our email conversation the other day. Hang in there chic and know that i am here whenever you need me, anytime at all  :-)

    BTW~ I watched survivor last night too!! Looks like this one is going to be pretty darn good!I used to be an avid "friends" follower, but since they are no more, i can focus on survivor now :-)


  8. Hope you have MANY 'quiet' moments...

  9. I worked for an Alabama man once who used to say "Well hell no!" but I would think he was saying "Why hell no!" and when I would ask he would not tell me which it was.  Relax, relax, relax.

  10. Alot of my work is spent talking to nurses on the phone. I have 2 favorite to talk to. 1 is from Kentucky and the other is from England. Most of them, we exchange our info and the call is done, These 2, well(in northern WV dry twang) the call includes, how's the kids? How ya been? What's new? Only because I love hearing them talk, and they are pretty nice too!