Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Much the same...

The pile is still on top of my monitor...it's kind of leaning over, like it will fall any minute.
I used to live in a city in Germany that had a leaning tower.  The story goes that way back when the tower was being built, there was a drought and so wine instead of water was used to mix the mortar being used to build the tower, and therefore the mortar wasn't as strong as it should be...
Picture from Hometown
It was quite fun to tour the tower.  You would climb and climb stairs to get to the top, and by the time you got up there the tilt was very pronounced and it was very hard to stand up! 
I still miss the little city where I spent part of my growing up years.  I don't know if I'll ever get to go back there.  We lived by a vineyard, where we used to ride our bikes in the summer, and go sledding in the winter.  I would go to school in the winter and, riding in the bus across the new bridge over the Main River, see great sheets of it frozen...when we came back to Louisville in 1986 the Ohio River was so huge, I've never seen it frozen over....
We used to pick plums from our neighbor's yards, and would then get promptly scolded by old German women.  We had schnitzel for dinner almost every night...it was a treat when our parents would take us out to eat and we could get hamburgers and fries...or pommes frites as we called them there.  An even bigger treat was the occasional trip to the big city of Wurzburg, where we could go to McDonald's!
I came back to the States when I was almost thirteen years old...having spent my crucial growing up years in a different country, it was major culture shock!
to be continued...


  1. Cool......I look forward to reading more about you :)

  2. how interesting.  I can only imagine about culture shock!  I remember that the Ohio froze ove during the winter of 76-77 or 77-78...they were both boogers.

  3. What great memories! My dads side of the family is German too (Hess). I Can't wait to read more ;)

  4. How wonderful to have memories like that.  We lived in Norway for a year, but I was a baby and don't remember.

  5. I loved this entry. I chuckled about the tower. I have learned of the tower before but when you said it was mixed with alcohol, I joked to myself about that being why it couldnt stand up. Lol.. Too funny.

    I really enjoyed hearing how it was to live in Germany. I love living here and being an American of course but always imagined what it would be like to visit another country like that. Must have been beautiful. If I was you I would want to go back to visit. :o)

    Have a great day!

  6. That must have been so interesting spending so much time there.  

  7. I can't wait to read more!!!  What a great entry!!  And wonderful memories!!

  8. I am loving this story so far. Can't wait for the rest.


  9. Waiting...did the pile fall on you?

  10. I think I will go to Germany one day.  My husband was blathering something about the October Fest, mostly about staying drunk and eating sausage.  I had a beautiful picture once of a German girl on her first day of school.  I had it because I volunteered to find pictures to frame for a grand opening of the Multicultural center at school.  Anyway, she was carrying this thing shaped like a large cone, and from what I could gather from the caption, she takes treats in it or school supplies????  It was beautiful.  Do you know what it was?  I got your email, and I understood, sounds like my life ten years ago.  Thinking of you.  

  11. I am going to the library one day this week and getting a picture of what I am talking about.  I bet when you see it, you will know.  Thanks.