Thursday, September 9, 2004

Whose life is this?

Surely this is not My Life.
Where did I go wrong?
There are things that are good right now.
But the bad things, they're just...they overshadow everything else.
My family is a wreck this week.  Famllies seem to be put on this earth to bring you your greatest happiness...and greatest
I guess I need Montel to help me sort it all out.


  1. The week is almost over and besides Montel cannot even handle is own business.  Jerk.  Left his wife for a trade up!  Things will get better, just remember to breathe! Deep in the pit of your stomach, breathe!

  2. Ohhh...I hope things get better.  Hang in there.  If it makes you feel any better, everyone has days, weeks, months when their families cause them stress, pain and sadness.

  3. ((((Michelle))))  I am having one of those weeks too where you feel like crawling under a rock and hoping it would all just go away!!  
    Please remember I am here if you ever and I mean ever need to talk or just someone to listen!!  
    Hang in there and you are in my prayers!
    Huge hugs, Julie

  4. A Montel week, eh? Or Dr. Phil... I'm having a Dr. Phil week. *sigh* You have my sympathies.

  5. Hope things are better for you!