Friday, June 4, 2004

Mood: Moody

I think AOL should add more moods up there.  I'm hardly ever any of those moods they have listed.
I haven't had much time to stay on here, lately, with my aunt in the hospital...hopefully things will get back to normal soon.  Not that normal is really normal, but anyway...
The washer broke Wednesday night and flooded my utility room.  Now all the wood furniture that was in there is in the living room and there's about 1 foot of space to walk around.  My grandpa did fix my washer, though, so yay!  He's the best, he can fix anything, I don't know what I'd do without him.
My daughter went on a field trip with camp yesterday to the water park.  I was so worried about her going there without me.  She'll be 12 next month but she's still my baby!  I dropped her off at camp and went on to work, worrying the whole day that she'd get a sunburn (she is extremely fair-skinned and doesn't tan) because she wouldn't remember to reapply her sunblock...worrying that she'd get in the wave pool and lose her glasses...worrying about anything that could go wrong.  I was told at work to relax, stop worrying, and let her experience things.
So what happened?  She has a terrible sunburn on her face now.  She DID lose her glasses in the wave pool, but found them again.  And, to top it off, she lost her inner tube in the wave pool, while the waves were on, couldn't handle the waves, and the lifeguard had to jump in and get her.
See?  I KNEW it.  I don't think I can let her go back, they go to this waterpark every Thursday.  I think she's just too young to handle it without me.
I don't know.  Maybe I'm still a little too stunned to think about this clearly...


  1. hey darlin, guess what?  you are approaching the 1000 mark on your counter!  Yay!  :::completing a perfect cartwheel:::  (uh huh, believe that one, and i'll sell you some swamp land)

    your washer broke, my dryer broke!  i just don't have the funds to fix it right now, so i guess i'm off to the laundromat tomorrow.  what can ya do?  (grumble, grumble)

    i don't blame you in the very least about the water park.  especially when it involves wave pools.  I am terrified something will happen to eric even though he's 11 now.  the water gets so crowded, and even with extra life guards, i always worry.  if i can't see him, i get panicky.

    the only word of advice i could give, since this is a field trip/ camp experience, and i'm sure you would hate to put a damper on it. . . . maybe you could have a couple words with the adults in charge.  explain to them that it is extremely important that one of them keep a close eye on her or have her within arm's reach, even.  otherwise, you'll be forced to deny her the fun.  really stress to them, that this is vitally important to you.  hopefully that will get the desired result.

    or maybe encourage C to have a swimming partner/ buddy and the two of them will keep an eye out for each other.  

    big hug!  love you!!

  2. well my last comment made me "998" on your counter, so of course, i had to hit you two more times!

    i'm #1,000!   Woo Hoo!!!!  Yeah!!!!!  

  3. you know that "mom feeling" is always right!!  I would feel the same way you do about it all.  I would talk to someone in charge before letting her go there again...that's for sure!  Julie

  4. Michelle~

    Well ,at least she had fun, and she did find her glasses!  Maybe next time she will know what to expect and be prepared for it.


  5. Hi Michelle,

    i am sorry your daughter had pitfalls on her trip to the waterpark.  However she does need to get out and do things with children her ago to get used to the world.  She will always be fine since God looks out for her.  I will pray that her next trip will be stress free for you.  It does no good to worry.  The main thing is she found her glasses and the lifeguard was quick and grabbed her.