Monday, June 7, 2004

On Family Vacations

My aunt is home from the hospital and things are okay...she had surgery while she was in there, and lots of tests, and still no clear answers.  But she is feeling better, and so we're thankful, and still praying.
We're going down to my mom's (and grandma's and aunt's) hometown down in the mountains of eastern Kentucky this weekend.  For Decoration.  Or, to the kids, for the vacation where the whole family hangs out by the pool for a few days, except on Sunday when we go to the family cemetery in the holler and decorate great-grandparent's and great-great-grandparent's and countless aunts', uncles', and cousins' graves.
The new twist to this story in the past couple of years is that both my aunt (the one who just got out of the hospital) and my mom have put up their tombstones already there, next to my great-grandparents.  My mom and my aunt are still alive, but we can stand now over their gravesite.
I understand, them wanting to get this taken care of so we don't have to when the time comes.  But it was such a shock the first year, walking up that hill to Ma and Pa's graves and coming across my mother's.  I cried.  That time will come soon enough without a reminder, you know?  But I'm thankful my mother was there to comfort me, just like she always has been.


  1. That would definitely be strange!  Have a wonderful time with your family.

    Thanks for all the encouragement in my new quest.  With you all behind me, I know I can quit!


  2. you never did tell me what was wrong with your aunt.  why the surgery?  are you sure she's okay?  now i'm worried big time, hope you fill me in soon!!!

    i can't imagine seeing my mom's tombstone before she passes.  it would KILL me!  just the thought of her death fills me with indescribable feelings.  when that day comes, i will need YOU and all my friends so very badly!  because i KNOW it's going to be so very difficult.  

  3. That's because we're still not sure why she collapsed like that.  I don't know if we're not sure because the doctors aren't, or if my grandma is just not telling us the whole story.  She has stomach issues, and they did the surgery on her stomach while she was in there, but it's an ongoing issue, she isn't cured.  I really am worried, I just wish I knew something.