Thursday, June 17, 2004


When I went to the dentist last week, I thought I had a cavity.
But no, it was much worse...I needed a root canal.
So I went to the dreaded appointment this morning.  I've never had a root canal before.  I was terrified.
The procedure itself was painless, though nerve-wracking.
It wasn't until I was standing at the receptionist's desk, writing out the check for my co-payment and getting ready to go, when I felt the pain.
They had assured me that I would be able to go to work afterwards.  WHAT?  Not only is the left side of my face paralyzed from the anesthetic, but I'm in sooo much pain.  Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch...
I called work and let them know I was going to go home for a couple of hours to lie down and then I would try my hardest to come in and work half a day.
(Okay, I'm actually not lying down right now, but I will in a minute - just trying to take advantage of an unexpected couple of free hours in the middle of the day!)
So, I'm off to lie down and practice pain management techniques in preparation for work.  I have to try to go in there today and get some things done, because tomorrow is TAKE YOUR KID TO WORK DAY, and while it's a very very fun day to have my daughter there with me, not much WORK gets done!


  1. Let me tell you, I sure know how you feel!!  I had my dentist appointment this week too and I am still hurting and swollen from just that one little tooth!!  Hope you feel better soon!!  Julie

  2. You are lucky you had it all completed in one sitting!  I think I had to have three. It was awful, and I think I almost fainted...I remember having to put my head between my legs.  Maybe it was another time, but I think it was the root canal.  You poor baby.

  3. Never had the pleasure...but I sure hope they gave you some really good drugs!

  4. How are you feeling?  Any better?   I've had one root canal in my life, and I vowed NEVER again!  Next time they can just pull it.  Forget it!  It was awful.  I do have a couple of crowns, even though they are lengthy appointments (at least the first one is, the second one is much shorter), they are painless and the afterwards isn't that bad at all.  Anyway, take care!  If he didn't give you any pain meds, I'd call and ask for some.  Or take the strongest over the counter stuff you can.  Big Hug!