Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Who's your hero?

My mom is directing this year's VBS at our church.  This year's theme: HERO QUEST.  She's going around asking everybody who their hero is.  She wants examples of lots of different types of heroes...superheroes, sports heroes, musical heroes, historical heroes, etc.
My favorite superhero is, of course, Buffy.  
Sports hero: Richie Farmer.
Musical hero: Dolly Parton.
Historical heroes:  Too many to count.  How would I pick? From what era?  For what reasons?  From what part of the world?  The number of people who have lived and died working to make our world a better place...it's countless.  They are all my heroes.
Specific hero: Gus Grissom, astronaut.
Hero on a pedestal: My grandfather.
My daughter, of course, wowed us when we asked her these questions.  When asked, "Who do you most admire?", and "Who do you most want to be like?", my beautiful girl immediately said, "Jesus".
Hero above all.


  1. Hi Michelle~

    What a wonderful daughter!  Jesus is the Hero of all Heros!!

    My heros would be my Dad, James Dean, Kareem Abdul Jabar & Nolan Ryan for sports, Historical- Jesse James because he actually became an outlaw fighting for the rights of his relatives and friends.  


  2. Your daughter is just precious!!  My hero has always been and will always be my mom.  She passed away from a long battle with cancer...and during her life she touched so many people lives...she did so much for us kids, and so many other people....  She was truely a hero in not only my life, but other peoples too.  I only hope I can be just one little ounce like her...  
    Great entry!!!  Thanks for this one!!!  :o)  Julie

  3. Hi Anita here-  This is an excellent idea for the church.  I love your answers.  I  think your daughter is very samrt for naming the good Lord.


  4. Funny, yet sad, that I can name tons of favorite superheros (Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, She Hulk, Buffy, Electra Woman, Almighty Isis...all females, of course). But I can't name any favorites in any of the other categories. I guess my fantasy life is richer than my real life. ;-)  -B

  5. hey ho michelle - i'm not here to talk about heroes, nor heroines, nor heroin.  i'm here just to read your journal and say hello and thank you for all your nice comments in my journal, i love to see your name pop up.  i liked your thank you to Ray Charles.  a lot.  also wanted to tell you that i picked up a paperback copy of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  have you read this?  i hope it's good, it's for my Texas travels.  which i just can't quite seem to get organized to actually happen.  

  6. here's the link to my heros :)


  7. I told you that you're doing a fantastic job.  What more proof do you need?  She's wonderful, Michelle.  Yep, starting that adolescent, teenage period, but nonetheless you laid a good foundation, with that, she'll succeed no matter what!  big hugs.