Monday, June 21, 2004

Mundane Monday

Things I did today (I live a VERY exciting life):
1.  Went to work.
2.  Took my daughter to softball practice.
3.  Worked out at the Y. (a)
4.  Made a dentist appointment to get the permanent filling and crown on top of the root canal (cost after insurance: $189.00). (b)
5.  Opened my cell phone bill and nearly died of shock (this month's bill: $105.60). (c)
Quite a fun, fulfilling day!
(a) It felt great to be back at the Y, after an 11-day-vacation and root canal-inspired absence.
(b) I normally have great insurance.  Except, apparently, for root canals, for which my insurance only pays 80%.  Adding this $189.00 with the emergency doctor's visit and the procedure, the root canal has cost me $500 this month!
(c) I haven't got the hang of this cell phone thing, I guess.  The secret to having a cell phone is to NEVER EVER USE IT.
I also had several deep thoughts today...the same ones as usual, though.