Monday, June 21, 2004

Mundane Monday

Things I did today (I live a VERY exciting life):
1.  Went to work.
2.  Took my daughter to softball practice.
3.  Worked out at the Y. (a)
4.  Made a dentist appointment to get the permanent filling and crown on top of the root canal (cost after insurance: $189.00). (b)
5.  Opened my cell phone bill and nearly died of shock (this month's bill: $105.60). (c)
Quite a fun, fulfilling day!
(a) It felt great to be back at the Y, after an 11-day-vacation and root canal-inspired absence.
(b) I normally have great insurance.  Except, apparently, for root canals, for which my insurance only pays 80%.  Adding this $189.00 with the emergency doctor's visit and the procedure, the root canal has cost me $500 this month!
(c) I haven't got the hang of this cell phone thing, I guess.  The secret to having a cell phone is to NEVER EVER USE IT.
I also had several deep thoughts today...the same ones as usual, though.


  1. I know how you feel about the dentist bill...we haven't seen the bill yet after my root canal AND the post AND the crown on another tooth I will be getting on the 7th...I will be afraid to open that one!!  We still owe him over 1000 for last years work!! (and thats with insurance!!)  Thank God we found a dentist that will let us do time payments.
    (AND...I never open the cell phone bill, I think I would die for real then!!  Hubby looks at it and pays it.)  Hang in there!!  Julie

  2. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! the bills! THE BILLS!!!!! NOOOOOO! -B

  3. Hey Michelle~

    Bills knock me off my butt, also.  So much so, that I have stopped looking at them and have Tim pay all of them.  


  4. lol, this entry reminded me off the commercial where this guy has a heart attack after opening his cell phone bill, he had a death grip on the bill and the nurse had to cut it from his hands before they did surgery.  If it gives you any piece of cell phone bill is double yours! UGH!!

  5. Twice mine? Wow. wow. (suddenly feeling much better) :)

  6. yippee!  glad you got back to the gym and had a good work out.  sometimes when you take a break it's so hard to get started again.  high five, chick!