Monday, June 14, 2004

Until I do I'm telling you so you'll understand...

I grew up hearing this song sung to me, over and over, by my parents.  They swear that they didn't name me after the song...but I find it very suspicious that, in my mom's massive stack of old albums, the only Beatles one that she had is, you guessed it, 'Rubber Soul'.
I've got the third load of clothes in the washer now and I'm going to bed!  I'll have to finish things up tomorrow when I get home from work.
It's so surreal getting back to the real world when you've been away.  It's like you're caught in the middle.  Which is the 'real world'?  I was walking in the woods today, gazing at the most beautiful place in the world, and now I'm sitting in my bedroom in front of my computer.  How can that be?  How did I get from there to here?
(Well actually, that part's easy...I slept while he drove!)


  1. It is  quite unsettling!

  2. sound like me, on every trip hubby always drives and I sleep!!  make the car ride so much faster!!  lol.  Julie

  3. Yes, exactly! We were back in no time! LOL